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You own me. Ha!

What a laugh.

Sure you fed me,

Dressed me,

And gave me a bath.


The day I came into this unforgiving world,

you paid for the meds

and the hospital bed.

You paid for the IV

and the nurses that carried me.

You gave the white-coated men your money

So they could could care for my deformation.

You paid for the assistance.


When it came to taking me home

Not a dime was spent,

When you claimed me as your own.

You took me, whether or not

you had the means to raise me.

You spent money on the lodging.

Yes you gave me all of my needs and most of my wants,

Yes you give me everything you have to offer.

And yes you gave me life, but life

Is religiously defined as: the togetherness

of the body and soul in harmony.

You don’t own everything about me.

You claim to own my body.


But you do not own my soul,

It has and always will belong to God.

And until you own my soul,

You do not own my life.

Until you own my life,

You DO NOT own everything about me.

You paid for the medical assistance and hospitality.

But, you did not pay for me.


You may own my clothes,

Room, shoes, books, bed and pillow, but

You never have have and never will own


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