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Joanna Nehring                                                                                                                   1/24/19

              The Life of Phoebe Buffay


                Phoebe’s life started out a bit bad. Her father abandoned her, her sister, and her mom. Her step father went to jail. When Phoebe was thirteen her mother killed herself. Before she turned 18 she was living on the streets. As you see Phoebe had a bad childhood and had a not so horrible adulthood. Phoebe had a hard time finding love. From twenty to twenty nine she had a bunch of short meaningless relationships until her friend Joey stepped in. Phoebe and Joey both wanted to be in a relationship so they decided to set each other up with a friend. Joey being the forgetful friend he is he forgot about the date. So Joey went down to the coffee shop and said the name “Mike.” Thankfully there was a guy named Mike there. So Mike went on the date with Phoebe and Joey went with Phoebe’s friend. Mike and Joey were trying hard to make the date go well. After a while Phoebe suspects that Mike doesn’t know Joey. So she asks how many sisters Joey has. Joey being stupid puts of six fingers instead of seven. Mike told Phoebe how much he liked her so they got married


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