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      6th Grade

      Three long years is what she has in store. Former elementary students make their way to the all mighty middle school, bundled in excitement. She on the other hand stays to herself. Instead of an accomplice, she is a witness to all of the hormonal stories too drastic to be real. She likes to say that she has changed, but every year she claims her seat on the side and watches what other people do next, not saying what she believes.

      7th Grade

      They say this is the time to blossom and grow. Take advantage and go explore, they say. But what really changed? Why is everyone acting so different than the three months ago version of themselves? She believed everyone had lost their minds, gone completely insane. But a thought crept up on her. Was it her all along? Why did all of my friends leave, she wondered. She wasn't alone. She had met other people also accustomed to the level of silence used to mask one's beliefs. But could this last any longer before she finally changes? 

      8th Grade 

      Two months, three weeks, and four days later, she waltzed her way into the school. She says to herself, "This is it. This is the year." She carries confidence with each step and in her smile. What happened in the summer for her to be so open? No one really knows, but she knew. She finally understood why everyone had changed in just three months. She has blossomed and grew. Taken advantage and had gone explore. Everything had changed. And she is me.

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