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"...and she lived happily ever after.” He flapped the pages of the book to the first one and then closed it a little later. With his eye sparkling as pearl and simplicity on his face, looked towards the pale moon. He let go some tears roll down his cheeks and tried to make himself comfortable on that edge of the roof, hanging his legs. He was trapped there; in the rush of his own emotions. Could his life be ever like that story too? Could he ever smile as he did before? Maybe he could! His felt a hand on his face rubbing away his tears. He looked back to his brother. He looked slender and thin in his oversized shirts. His face seemed pale as his sensations. His brother was a few years younger. He resembled just him, the only variation being that he was still a little cheerful. " Amstin! I told thou not to get on here. It's dangerous. If anything happens to you and if you..." He could say nothing more. His eyes were wailing again. His voice was gettin' deeper. He was shivering all over again. Still, Nate continued, " I ca-n-not lose you too." and then he broke. It was almost a month after their parent's car accident. Their father died on the spot but they saw their mother badly wounded; she was swaddled with blood. She looked at her boys. She could scantily move her hand. She put it on Nate's head, and...It was too late. Nate had never seen death so close. How could he? He was just 13. Then, suddenly a strong breeze began blowing. The pages of the book started fluttering again. Amstin saw that book. "Is it the same book you are writing. Don't forget to mention my name. If I had not told you about the title the word dream when you were thinking of what to write..." "Ok, my lord", Nate replied. He had just forgotten about his tears. He was smiling. After all, Amstin was the only one who could make him have a good laugh and the last reason why Nate was alive. After his parent's death, Amstin was the reason, why Nate recovered a bit. "Nate is there a real land of dreams." "Of course, Amstin", Nate responded. He doesn's wanted his brother to disbelieve in magic; he grew up believing in magic too. " So could we bring Mom and Dad back from there too." Nate paused. The smirk on his lips faded. He turned white again. But he didn't want his brother to endure like him, he wanted him to never feel that their parents would never return. "y-ye-yes. Now get down, carefully! Ok! Nate, where are you?" , shouted Amstin. "I'm here in my room Amstin." Nate climbed up the stairs and opened the door just in front of it. "Nate, I want to see it." " You want to see what?" "I want to see the dreamland. I told my friend's that there is a dreamland." "There's nothing like a dreamland." "But you told me there is !" "Grow up Amstin! You still believe in all this. It's been a long time." It's had really been a long time. 2 years and everything had really changed a lot. Nate had completely changed. Uncle Moliace had been living in their house all this time but Nate and his relations were not very good. They often had a fight and Nate always had to get stop himself. After all, he took charge of them. But he usually transferred all his disappointment towards Amstin. Sometimes Amstin felt that he doesn't love him anymore. However, Amstin had not changed a lot. He was still cheerful, gloomy and amazed. For him, life was magic, love was magic too. The only thing which he missed the most was his brother, his Nate. "How dare you stay out of the house so long, Nate!"Uncle Moliace shouted when Nate came late to the house. "Whom are you to ask me about it? It's my life and whatever I do it's my decision. So, please don't interfere ...",Nate replied. "Interfere! Are you serious? I'm interfering. And even if you think so, then I I will. It's my house and if you want to stay here then you have to follow my rules. Or you get outta here if you can't follow them." "Your house! It's my house." "Shut up! It's mine now. Your father's property is mine till you get 18. It's a long time, know. But it would not take too long to break your skull and toss you outta here." Nate could not do anything else. He went to his room in disappointment. Amstin did not follow him. He knew Nate had changed. This time Amstin could do nothing but to wait for him to quit from his anger. After some time Amstin determined that it was the moment to go to face Nate. As he went nearer his heartbeat grew lower. As he opened the door he saw no one there. He was going to shout Nate's name when someone covered his mouth with his hands. He tried to get it off when he felt that the person was Nate. He got still and then Nate withdrew his hand. "Nate, where are you intending to go? Where are your possessions?" "Shh... Don't you snoop in my matter! And don't tell about this to Uncle or I'll break you nicely. Just leave me alone. " "Don't be mean Nate. I'm your brother at least. Whatever it is, I'll go with you." "No! Not in any circumstance. I don't want you to spoil my plan. Just get outta here." He drove Amstin out of the room and closed the door with a raucous sound. Amstin had never seen him so brash. But still, he didn't want himself to be left out. He hated uncle Moliace too. God! He was really very vexatious. His face looked like a banged coconut. His voice... ugh...He could explode on them any time. He didn't leave a single moment to curse them. If he had enough money for a house, he would have left the boys on their own. But he needed them. Shake it off... Amstin followed his brother. He didn't want Nate to see him and take him back to that same venerable house with that squalid person. He could not bear some more days to wake up and find that man looking at him vigorously. Thus he kept lurking behind a point or the other. It was midnight now and in front of them was a huge jungle with many dried trees. He could hear the howling. It was very quiet now. The wind could be heard carefully as it took the leaves with it. Nate was walking briskly forward when he heard a yell. He looked back and saw a boy fallen on the terrain. It was not just a boy, it was Amstin. " I told ya not to follow me. Now go back." "Are you serious? Go back! It's been a mile till now. Now, give me a hand." "No, I won't." Amstin had to get up by himself while Nate continued to move. Still, he kept looking at Amstin. They were strolling side by side on two discrete ends of the path. None of them was willing to look at each other. They just wanted to cross the forest as soon as they can. Nate was now getting bored. He wanted to speak to Amstin when he saw something on the ground. It was a button. Oh shit! He had read about it. As the forest was crossing through the boundaries of another country, some buttons were installed in which once a step is placed and released it bursts like a bomb. It was a trap. Omg! They were in defence land where entry was prohibited. Amstin was going to step on the button. Nate could not think of anything else. He ran to save his brother. He pushed him to the other side. "What are you doing Nate?", Amstin asked. "You idiot! you were going to step on that..." Nate wanted to point towards that button but he could not find it. "Step on what?" Nate felt like he was on standing on something. HE WAS ON THAT BUTTON. " Run Amstin, run." "For what? Just make everything clear!" "We are in defence land Amstin." Amstin knew about it too. He read about it in the newspaper. "Are you on it?",Amstin gazed at Nate's paw. "YE-YES" Amstin could not think of anything else. "Noooooo", Amstin shouted. He started crying. "Amstin, listen...", Nate could not speak more. Still, he tried, "I don't want you to die. You have to live, for me" "But I can't lose you." Amstin cried "You could never lose me. Even if you want you can't. I'll never part you. Remember I told you that there is no dreamland. I was wrong. Just listen 'At the end of the day, when the pain gets away, It is the dreamland, when you close your eyes, just think about your love thrice, It is the dreamland, when you get your family, and you live with them happily, It is the dreamland' Whenever you want to meet me, just come in the dreamland." Saying this Nate pulled Amstin closer and hugged him. "Take this book Amstin and read it whenever you'll miss me. Now go as farther as you can. I love you!" "I love you too Nate." Amstin then ran with his full strength. When he stopped, he was a kilometre away from Nate. He saw Nate smiling at him and then 'BOOM'. After that, he ran farther as fast as he could. 70 years had passed. Amstin had grown very old. He now lives in a big house with many servants. The walls of the house are decorated with many awards given to him by his work in his most famous book ' dreamland'. He is sitting inside a room and is being interviewed by a woman. "So, what is a dreamland by your side?" she asks Amstin pauses. He stands up from the sofa. He looks at the woman and recites," "At the end of the day, when the pain gets away, It is the dreamland, when you close your eyes, just think about your love thrice, It is the dreamland, when you get your family, and you live with them happily, It is the dreamland" After that, he lays on his bed and closes his eyes. Everything had gone dark when light falls on the back of a boy. When the boy turns, it happens to be Amstin itself when he was a boy of 10. He is playing with Nate. Both the boys rush to the kitchen where they see their parents smiling at them. They smile back and then hug each other. Amstin, at last, got his Dreamland.

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