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Loving couple Dmitri Gurov and Anna Sergeevna plan a mission to steal the crown of the Royal Family of The United Kingdom. If you want the happy ending, try A.  


  1. Dimitri and Anna have been planning  this heist for over ten years. They will go to the winter ball at Buckingham Palace and sneak up to to the jewel display room, while the guests of the ball are dancing and dining. They successfully steal the precious crown, which is adorned with  millions of dollars worth of ancient diamonds. After completing their mission, they flee Moscow and take a train to the Swiss Alps. Using the money from the sale of the crown, they purchase a magnificent chalet in the mountains . They live the rest of their lives happily married and content.

  2. After the strain of being in unhappy relationships, Dmitri and Anna realize they want to be together and permanently move to Moscow as a couple. Unfortunately, the Russian economy is crashing and creates a financial crisis. They lose all of their money and the corrupt government takes whatever they have left out of their bank account. They are living on the cold streets of Moscow. Twice a week they stand on line for hours for a small handout of hot soup at the market fairs. This was never how they envisioned their lives to be with each other. They feel grateful to be together, but realize they need money to survive. All over town was the news of the grand Winter Ball at the Palace De Forte. This event is the highlight of the royalty social calendar every year. Famous guests and the wealthy elite all attend. Dmitri and Anna think of a daring plan to steal the 17th century crown of the queen.

After a year of preparation and anticipated excitement from all of London, the night of the ball finally arrives. They find dirty uniforms of work staff in a laundry bin outside of the palace. They try their best to clean them up and disguise themselves as staff. As they are serving escargot to the guests, Dmitri makes his way up to the fifth floor jewelry display. For three years Dimitri has been working to unlock the code of the display. When punching the numbers into the lockpin,  he is successful and grabs the crown. As they attempt to run out of the party with the crown, a bell begins to ring and shadows of security are coming towards them. Realizing the have no way out, they surrender and spend the rest of their lives in poverty and in jail together.

C. Several years after their successful heist, life is not as great as Dmitri and Anna  expected it to be. They constantly fight about money, houses, and clothes. They have all the money they need, but the love is gone. One morning, Anna realizes she can not continue on with this and decides to leave. She leaves all the money with Dmitri and ventures back home to Yalta. She reunites with her ex-husband and realizes that love that she had with her ex husband is more important and lasting than the money with Dmitri. Back in the Alps, Dmitri lives alone with an abundance of money and many girlfriends, but never one true love.

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