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The human brain is full of complexities

Senses, memories, mistakes, and

Deep in your mind that you hold so dear

Truth is not your only monster.

Your mind betrayed you

In the vacancy of light

And with each memory came

A new sense of its own.

When you remembered the the oceans,

You saw my eyes,

Blue with the cascading sunlight, as

The arc of gold that was once prominent in the sky settled behind a dune.

With the sound of distanced thunder came a soft padding of footsteps,

Drops of rain hushing the voices deep into the night.

Each birdsong in the early morning synchronized with walks along cracked pavement,

Children on bikes and the breeze whistling through trees.

The smell of a harsh brew escaping from the tan lid of a coffee mug,

Settled comfortably in one hand, with yours in the other.

But every waved that crashed against the shore was met with tears overflowing,

Rushing down like the remnants of an upsurge that was draining back to its source.

And with every stroke of thunder was met with a call sent straight to voicemail

I’m sorry, but the caller you have dialed has a full inbox. Please try again at a later time.

The call of the mourning dove is now distant, and

reminds you of the lonely mornings yet to come

Not the leaves kissing your ankles

Or the salt spray that erupted from a wall of stone.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

We couldn’t wait to grow up,

And only now we recognize that we never really did.

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