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A Significative Action Of Pope Pius Ix

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vent s blessed by the whole world, having manifested his ]ove of progress and liberty only in the political matters, persons hae not been waiting hb pretendJ that he would show himseif less liberal n religious mtitter--. We now announce fac, which liowever si'mpie it triay ap)ear af first siglit, is nevertheless one of onsiderabíe importare". Sgnor C. A. Vecshj, a Roman súbjpct nd Calholic, espoused befurC tte vil authcrities, at rfr 1842, Signara Victrradella -Rippr, who belonged to ihè Jewish fa t'h. Hiiheno the Matholle chtfrch has refused to consécrate a unión of ihis kind, which accordng to the Counóilof Trent, is a crime worthy of the lnquihition end the s'nke. Yesterdny, liowover, M. and Mde. Vecchj receivedlhe nuptial benediclion' n the church of Loretio. We müsl add h&t tho price of dispensntion was supiressed. M. Vecchj having {q pay only he very nsignüicnni sum of 10 francs-, ;he cost of registerine. This i, then, the lïrsi mnrriage Ietween Cathoücs and Israeliies, authorized by the church siiK'e ihe origin of Catliolicism. h is unnecessary to corrtn.Tit upon an action so sigivifisntivs üoik! to Pius IX! Let him coniinae irt the mm pBth wherein he is working so gloriousIy, and we shall son sf e snim eran f