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I could barely make out a view of the white structure. People everywhere were rushing, hurrying their nervous children to get there. The Selection Gazebo, as I like to call it. It's actually called the Fortress of the Elders, but it looks like a typical gazebo on the outside. Holding my 6 year old brother Brogan´s hand firmly, we strode toward the gazebo with as much effort as I could at pushing the rude people out of the way. This day gets everybody stressed out, especially my usually calm and collected parents. As we were carefully walking, we were confronted by two girls, one who looked about my age, and a 9 year old. I immediately identified who they were.

¨Hope!¨ I squealed to hug my friend, who was apparently way taller than the last time I saw her. Which was only a day ago.

¨Hi, Lily! Are you excited? Only four more years of this and we can be done! Ugh.¨ Hope stated, with a depressed face as she pushed her anxious little sister, Everleigh, to give me a hug. She looked so much like her older sister: blonde, with bright blue eyes.

¨Not really. How are you? You know what, I´ll talk to you later. We have to hurry, or we´ll be late.¨ I beamed, shoving Brogan toward the Selection Gazebo. All four of us knew each other so well, it was like we were brother and sisters! Hope and I knew each other from school, and because she's my cousin's neighbor. Evelyn, my 15 year old cousin, had already been selected when she was about 13. Now, she works in the government. I’m only twelve right now. Oh, I hope I don't get picked, I thought. It runs in the family. Nobody even knows what happens when you´re selected or why, except for the fact that you´re special, in some sort of way. I started to get worried. Why? I have no idea.

¨Lily, I´m worried.¨ Brogan told, copying my exact words, looking really anxious. I felt bad for him, because he still has 10 years of the choosing.

¨It´ll be ok. There's only a teeny tiny chance that one of us will get chosen. Don´t be worried.¨ I assured him. But what if I get chosen, and he doesn't? I thought. That could happen. As I was thinking of the possibilities, we reached the chairs where we sit. Alphabetically, of course. And age wise.

¨Brogan, do you see your friend, Jackson, over there? Go sit by him, okay?¨ I asked Brogan, because I couldn't help him find his seat when I was currently having a panic attack. I could tell my breath got heavy, like it always did. But by the time Hope came over to talk to me, my breathing was 90% back to normal. Hope was my only true friend.

¨Come on, Lily. We may not sit directly next to each other, but at least I'm right in front of you.¨ Hope tried to comfort me, pointing me to my seat. Right after we took our seats, the minister of our village, Minister Woods, came out to tell us the exact same thing she always does every year.

¨Hello everybody.¨ she yelled, trying to get everybody's attention. The audience full of thousands of children and adults immediately shushed their mouths.

¨Thank you. As we all know, today is the Day of Decision. Every year, the government specifically selects four young brave children who have special abilities to join the government. All of our children have taken tests to figure out who will go, and we have finally found our four. This year, there are two couples of siblings. Now, before I call out the names, let's have a moment of prayer to celebrate the success of our village this year.¨ Minister Woods announced, seriously, walking away from the microphone. But, I couldn't quite seem to be able to focus on the prayer. Instead, I focused my attention on Minister Woods, eyeing me weirdly. I quickly averted my eyes away from her, and to Hope, who was in front of me. She gave me a quick, yet happy, thumbs up from her seat, and I suddenly felt better.

¨Now that we have said our prayers, I will read the first name of the chosen.¨ Minister Woods mysteriously stated. The first name she read was:

¨Brogan Walker.¨ I gasped, and desperately tried to look around until I spotted my brother nervously walking up the stairs to the podium, where another lady took Brogan by the hand and took him to the gazebo. He looked back at me, anxiously, probably because that might've been the last time I´d ever see him. I turned around to see my parents, both of them starting to tear up. I didn´t know if this was a good thing or not. A secret door opened to the gazebo and my scared brother walked on in. I tried to get a quick glance of the inside, but the doors closed behind him immediately. My hands were shaking light a rattle. Wait. Minister Woods said that the chosen were two couples of siblings. Which meant that the next person had to be -

¨Lily Walker.¨

Me. As I stood up, my whole body shaking. I quickly raced up the stairs, trying to fix my dress up, when Minister Woods nodded towards me. I knew that every single person in the village was staring at me. Including Hope and Everleigh. As I tried to look for Hope to say goodbye, the same woman who guided Brogan put her hand on my back and directed me towards the gazebo. It was so innocent looking, I couldn't believe it was the place for the government. The door was very small, so I had to squeeze in order to get through. Once inside, I raced to my crying brother, who looked so weak and upset.

¨Hey, it's ok, I´m here. Don´t worry, we´ll be able to see mom and dad again.¨ I promised him, but, from what I could tell, that wasn't going to happen. I could hear the Minister saying another name, but couldn´t quite comprehend it. As I was looking around the gazebo, the door slid open, with a blonde and blue eyed girl. Everleigh.

¨Oh, Everleigh, don´t worry, your sister is going to come.¨ I assured her. She looked like her eyes were going to burst open with tears. Wow. I never thought that any of this was going to happen. I thought to myself. First, Brogan and I, and now, Hope and Everleigh? What´s going to happen now? My mind and heart were racing. I thought; well at least we´re all together. Minister Woods yelled out the last name, Hope Miller. The door opened yet again, with Hope rushing to comfort her sister. I felt bad for all of us at the moment.

Once we were all in the gazebo, the Minister came in, with a warm and gentle smile.

¨Welcome, warriors.¨ she stated. Warriors? What did that mean? I thought to myself. I could tell Hope was just as shocked and confused as I was.

¨This is just the start of a great era. You guys have been selected to become the next battling warriors of our develop-¨

¨What do you mean?¨ I had to ask, desperate for more answers.

¨Well, I was going to explain that in a moment. Anyway, do you guys remember taking your tests? It wasn´t just the math and english tests that you had to take. Whenever you go to the doctor's office, you have your blood drawn. You know that. But there´s a reason. To see if you have any capabilities or powers in the making.¨ Minister Woods answered, looking at my still confused face.

          “How do I say this? Like this. You guys are not the government who help make the You are magical fighters who kill off evil.” The Minister stated. My mouth dropped. Brogan, being little . Hope glanced over at me in shock. And that's when I realized that a new life has began…...

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