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I watched as the seeping black ooze dripped out of the keyhole. My fingers pressed against the knob and I squeezed gently. I couldn’t move or think. “Open me” the door seemed to call out, as I watched the soft white bricks being to peel around the door. I looked over to the knob only to see my hand grasped around an eye with a green iris staring back at me. I couldn’t do anything to thwart it as I turned the eye horizontally and pulled harder as my hands caught fire. There was flames licking the collars of my sleeves seeming to lap up that cotton and drink my clothes. I resisted the burn of my hands and continued to pull. My eyes looked down to a tentacle pulling up my leg and grasping as it pulled downwards. It’s wet grasp coiled and called me, no, dared me to fall into the black void that was gathering below my feet. I gritted my teeth and opened the door to my room in the hospital. I blinked and the eye was gone, the tentacles vanished, and the fire dissipated to a thick smoke that was coming out of my therapist’s cigar who smiled and handed me a pill bottle.

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