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My heart is telling me to forgive and forget.

Let go of all the pain and hurt building up inside.

Don't reminisce on the bad but, think about the good.

Don't dwell on the past but, build from the present.

Stuck in time trying to hold onto the memories but i’m fading away as the days go by.

My escape from reality is to pretend nothing has happened.

Meanwhile, my mind is trapped in a hole of sorrow and despair.

Thoughts roaming, heart racing.

Everything reveals when i’m alone at night.

Lost and confused on why you had to go so soon.

Why is it so hard to snap back into reality?

It tears me up inside knowing that you are gone.

It's never real when you lose your loved ones at first.

Until you process in your mind the thought of what just happened

Being in denial causes so much pain.

Times like this family sticks together through the pain.

Our last moments were so special to share.

I pray that everyone will be okay.

Gods gave his toughest soldiers his strongest battle.

Blessings I say, will reign upon.

God has a plan just observe and watch.

You taught me to never give up and never lose faith in God cause he has you every step of the way.

I will never leave my family in the dark or dust because in the end we are all we got.

I believe in you lord, you have our family in safe hands.

We have to lift our heads high and enjoy the sky, you are our guardian angel our only and only sunshine.

Before you left you told me to be strong.

I will carry the weight on my shoulders if that’s what it takes I will make you proud regardless of the sacrifices and mistakes I have to make.

This is not the last of us only the beginning.

Love you Grandma forever and always.


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