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On Saturday evening last, in this villnge, Mr. Simpson Buck vas stabbed in the abdQmpn by a man named John Findlay, an Irishman,from the effect of whteh deal li was producod on Mónday. A Coroner's inqiiest held over thè body found "lliat Simjison Bu'ct carne ló liis death by ineams of a wound in the abdomen, inflicted by some sharp instrument, to them unknown, by the hand of John Find-Iey." Tlie circumstances attending this diabólica! act go to prove conclusively that Findley premediated murder. Itappears thit bis wife had forsaken him and taken protection in the family 'of Mr. Dington Voorheis. Find!ey, learning where she was, after dark, proceeded to the house of Mr. Voorheis and asked, which was denied. He theñ attempted to force the door,nnd while ilius engaged, making much noise, .Mr. Buck, a near neighborio Mr. Vcorheis, stepped up to Findley and inqüired w liat he meant by iryijig to break into the house, and en-' doavorod to pneify him. Findley replied that he intended to enler the house, and i Mr. Buck finding it useless to dispuic h'is right to do so, stated 'ie should nol enier [ while he stood tnere; whereupon Findley ! infiicted the wound which hasresulted in sudden deatli. Findley was arrested in the act of brenking into anolher house near by and while his hands were yet wet .with blood, by officer Spear, who politely conducted him to the " locfc up " oü the bilt. - Pont. Jack. Cr" The subscriptton list of ihe 'Cleveland American,' the former Liberty paper of Ncrthern Ohio, has been transferred to the "True Demncrat," the antislavery Whig paper of that city, Th? Truc Democrat goes for a unión of nll aniislavery men on common ground. - President Mahan, of Obelin College, and the former Edilors of the American recommend the True Democrat as really sound in the antislavery fait.b, and deservirig á circu'atiori among Liberty men. We obtained an exchange with the Editor, Hon. E. E. Hamlin, when n the Chicago Convenlion,ai:d have read every number since with attention, interest, and profit. We regard it as one oftheablest papers of the West, and characterized by a high moral tone, which is rarely found in a daily paper. 05a We notiee that Mr. Hale nsked to be excused from serving on several Seríale Cqmmittees on which he was nppointed. One reason hesaid was personal tohimself : the other was that he had been ideritified by the papers of the country with one of the great politicai parties, while he had taken no part in the caucus in which the hominationsof committees had been made! Mr. Westcott mbvecl he be excused. Mr. Badger could not conceive uf a sufficient rpason for excusing him. He was cevtainly capable of taking a part, and adistinguished part, iri the labors of the Senate. His taler-'.i and qualifications eminently fiited him for the task. EI ís politica! positicn could not be affècted by his duties on the Committees. From the gentleman'sappearance he had sufficiënt physical ability, and his mental capacity was well known. Mr. Hale was excused, ayès Í7, nays lö. Mr. Hale is undoubtedly the best jiidge of v?hat was best to be done under t' .ie circutnstances, yet we see no coger son for declining to do the du''ies o? committee man. (XVVe find the fo"o ' mtheN. H.Morn! S(ar: in the Miei-; ; an gHl, pri one hundredand t"ven.six convcts : '.iety-six of them owe Iheir ocal,"eJa .011 directly to intemperanee - ""d F.ixteen of ihe remainder indireclly. Sv, ery fourth one has been a rumtailer, and every eighttí or.e a dist i Ier. Lel makers, vender.--, and drinkers of ititoxicating liquors, pause and refiect oh the ineviinble tendency of iheir course. Tho result here stated s so startling that we are led to doubt its correc'.ness. It caniiot be pcssiWe that there is such a projorlioh ofdistillers fe runiseller?. The number of walchmakers in ihe state is probably greater than that of ihe distillers; yet, if the two kinds of business were alike in their tendency, there oiiodt 10 be fifieen watchmakers in ihe Penitentiat v. If ihe number of lawver?, doctors, minislers or apolhecarie be ns great a-i that of the rumsellers, there ottght tobe lliirly oneofeach class in the Prison. Either this statement is grossly incorrect, or the sale and use of intoxicating liquors are the great source of crime. According to ihis statement, were t not for rumselling and rum drinkinc, we .sliould not need á Stnte Prisoh nt all.