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​At first it was a little tingle. It tickled, spreading through my skin. Bur it dug deeper, into my blood, into my brain. I no longer longed for excitement, for trouble. It was a comforting feeling.

And then I felt my blood change. Some of it was untouched, but in my veins, I felt a shift. I felt lighter, heartier. I knew that the dark fairy blood was erased from me.

I glanced at Alexandra. Her wings were now as vibrant white, her hair as light as the sun. Her black eyes had faded to a soft hazel color. Beautiful.

"Daniel." Alexandra said softly. And I knew she knew.

" I'm not a dark fairy anymore." She said.

"I know." I drew her into my arms. How changed she was, but she was still warm "but you never were."

"There are no dark fairy's." I then saw my mom come through a gleaming white portal, smiling, "angel's have prevailed."

"Sister." My aunt looked at my mother, " I am so sorry."

"Sofia." My mom's eyes filled with tears.

"Victoria." My aunt held her hand. She looked so different, her eyes blue, blonde hair...


"I... Love you."

And then my aunt left.

"Oh, Daniel. You don't know what this means to me." My mother actually broke. Tears spilled out, "you two... Are so strong together. I know it is true love."

"Mom!" I cried, laughing.

Alexandra smiled, then she said, " oh, sorry. Amy told me to meet her at the cafe now. I have to go."

"Sure." I said. Nothing could bring me down now.

"Son." Mom took me under her elbow and whispered, " you are ready to rule."


"And." My mom smiled, "you have a exceptional queen too."

I laughed playfully.

"Tell her she is welcome back to the angel kingdom." Mom beamed, "seeing there is no other kingdom. But she certainly deserved it."

I nodded. This was... Better than great, better than perfect or anything. This was something else.

"This is freedom" mom's face lit up, as if possible, even more as she left.

I was free. This was freedom.



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