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I’m from the sun.

Everything doesn't revolve around me as it should,

But it’s hard to not look away,

When I'm up and personal in your face.

Creating heat on your skin.

Blinding you to your mistakes.

I’ll hold you accountable for my disappearance one day,

Just not today.

Maybe not ever blame you for my heartbreak.


I don't even know if your alive,

And you can't blame A DEADMAN,

Whether he’s wrong or right.

Or point fingers,

When his body is still undiscovered,

Motionless in steel walls of a morgue.


You’re from the moon.

Everything doesn't shine brightly with you as it should,

But it’s not hard to praise the existence.

Giving a guide in the darkness.

Cold touch to the sky.

Far and distinct from your space.

Holding me accountable for YOUR mistakes.

Just not today

Maybe not ever blame me for your heartbreak.


By the way,

Rape is not an excuse to be an asshole,

I've been close to your despise,

Yet you look at me like I've been holding on a pedestal all my life.


Drinking is not an excuse.

Nothing in the world can make you do anything you don’t like

You had A CHOICE.

So did i.


I had a choice

And I choose you,

Like a pokemon game on your old GameBoy still laying in your parent's house.

The same one you moved back into for a while,

Where you almost died for a while,

One you invited me into for a while,

Glad I said no.


Everything about us was illegal.

Surprised neither one of us in jail.

Neither one of us holds accountable anymore.

Never will be now.

Our whole relationship has expired now

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