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New Age 

Welcome to the new age,  

getting judged for the small things,  

they used to say that we will have a great life during these times,  

but it seems more like the things that we have created get better lives than us. 

 Everyone having the ability to do anything,  

but never actually get to it. 

The race slowly devolving while electronics evolve instead. 

Welcome to the new age,  

if you don’t play Fortnite or have the Iphone X,

then you are automatically the next person no one likes. 

Welcome to the new age,

people becoming homophilic, 

 people adoring Satan, 

 and presidents talking about the sizes of their private parts. 

They said we would have a nice life,  

but now it makes me not want to grow up knowing the world is falling apart. 

Welcome to the new age,  

I may only be thirteen,  

but even I know this would most likely the be last age anyone would want to live in.

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