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I’m standing in the middle of a burning building, watching as the flickering fire gets bigger and bigger, and the sounds of screaming get louder and louder. Men, women, children, all locked in place as if they had just been hit with a freeze gun. I spring into action, grabbing the petrified victims and running them to the safety of the cool streets of Indiana. A crowd forms, cheering my name, “Kara! Kara! Kara!” I have never felt more like a hero until this moment. That is, until I came out of my daydream and back to reality. “Um, what are you doing?” I hear my brother’s voice say. I looked around the room, trying to catch a glimpse of his dark brown hair, but, like always, he wasn’t there. “Boo!” I jump out of my chair, ready for anything that could possibly be a threat, such as a giant squid monster, or alien, or a mutant bee! I hate bees. I nearly have a heart attack if I even just heard a fly buzzing by my ear, on the off chance that it could possibly turn into a bee. However, the yell didn’t come from a giant squid monster, or alien, or even a mutant bee (thank goodness). Instead, the tall, slim figure of my 16 year old brother comes into view. He has a huge, childish grin on his face, and his dark, long hair (which looks so messy that it looks like he has been standing in front of a fan for 6 hours) is tucked under a blue faded baseball cap. His face is scattered with freckles, and he is wearing a dark green polo shirt with athletic pants. We look almost identical, except for the fact that I am much shorter, younger, and, of course, a girl. “Clayton, don’t do that!” I yell, even though i’m not really mad. “Sorry,” he replies, “But don’t act like you never use your powers to scare me.” It’s true, being able to walk through walls and turn invisible is a huge advantage when scaring people. “Go away, i’m trying to do my homework. You know that if you stay in here i’ll get distracted,” I say. He rolls his eyes. “You know that you would get distracted even if I wasn’t in here.” I do get distracted very easily, which is hard, because if I don’t get my homework done immediately, than I will have a huge amount of stress put on me later on. I’m also terrible at being flexible. Another disadvantage.


That night I lay in bed, kicking myself for not finishing my social studies homework. All well I thought. I can always finish it tomorrow. That was the last thing I was thinking before I finally fell asleep.


        “Ahhh!!” I bolt straight up, woken by the sound of a loud high-pitched scream. I look over at Claytons bed, and, just as I feared, it was empty. “Kara!” I hear my brother scream. I jump out of bed, and run right through the walls of our bedroom and into the hallway. “Help me!” I turn towards the sound of Clayton’s voice. I see the back of a tall man wearing a long, tan cloak. He was dragging Clayton along next to him, who was obviously trying to turn invisible, but something was blocking his powers. I run after them into the front yard, but the second they reach the woods in front of our house, they disappear. I run to the woods, scanning every inch of my surroundings, but the darkness of the night makes it impossible to see anything, even with the bright full moon. “Clayton!” I scream in panic, even though I know that I won’t hear any reply. This can’t be happening. Who is this guy who took Clayton? What does he want with him? How will I find them? What do I do?!  I look down and see faint footprints in the mud. It would be crazy to follow them, because they could belong to anyone, but I don’t have much of a choice at this point. The police will never find him, and it is up to me as is sister to get Clayton back. I start following the footprints, and feel as cold as if a huge blanket of freezing snow fell on to of me. Suddenly, not doing my Social Studies homework seemed like the least of my problems.



I continue following the footprints, observing the shoe print as if it was a scab on my arm. It looked fairly large, which would make sense considering how tall the man in the tan cloak looked. Like always, my mind starts to wonder, and I start thinking about bees, which moves to Clayton being tortured, which moves to Clayton dying. Just my usual positive self thinking about oh so positive things. Not. I keep walking as my legs start to feel sore, and I begin to feel like I just ran a marathon. A few times I hear rustling in the trees, but it’s usually a small rabbit or a deer, not a kidnapper. As I continue walking, the footprints begin to look less faded. Maybe I was getting closer. I begin to feel lonely, and was suddenly aware of how dark everything was around me. There wasn’t even any animals around to keep me company. Just pure nothing. It might be hard to believe, but feeling lonely was kind of a new feeling for me. I usually always had Clayton around, and even when I didn’t, it was only for a small period of time. Now, I feel like he will be gone forever. I tried to push the thought away, but I couldn’t help blinking back tears. My eyes began to sting. I was so tired and unhappy, and I felt like there was a huge, black sinking hole in my stomach. I tried telling myself to focus. There was no way I was going to find Clayton ifq I thought like this. I focused on the hard dirt path, and my feet hitting it, each step coming with a soft thump, thump, thump. After a little bit longer, I notice a faint light in the distance. I sprint towards it, a twinge of excitement starting to form in me. When I arrive at the light, I find out that it is a porch light on a small red house. It was definitely the right size for one person, yet it looked intimidating at the same time. The way the faint glowing porch light reflected shadows on the front step, and the screeching of the owl loud enough to give the sensation that it was only 2 feet away. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. This place just didn’t feel right. I took this as a good feeling, because it probably meant I was in the right place. “I thought I was being followed”, I heard a deep, cruel voice say. Before I had time to think, a pair of hands as cold as ice was tying a blindfold around my eyes. The owner of the hands covered up my mouth as well. My mind started to go fuzzy, and I felt myself slipping away, as I so often do.


I slowly open my eyes. For a brief moment I wonder where I am, but then it hits me like a sack of bricks. My stomach starts to churn. I pause my thinking aside for a moment to throw up over the side of------ of what exactly? I look around myself, suddenly more aware of what is happening around me. I’m laying on a cold, hard, bed-like thing. My arms and ankles started feeling sore, probably because they were tied up. A wave of panic overcomes me. Where is Clayton?! I frantically look around the room I was in, and spot him laying in his own bed-like thing only feet away. He was wide awake, but seemed to be in an entirely different place at the same time. “Clayton!” I say. He comes out of his trance and turns toward me. I then notice how beat up he looks. There are dark purple bruises on his face and arms, and you can notice a small lump on the back of his head. “Are you alright,” I suddenly call out, way louder than I meant to. I start to hear footsteps, and I feel that sick feeling in my stomach starting to come back. Luckily, I didn’t throw up this time. I don’t want to show this guy any weakness. The man in the cloak comes into view. He has a very pale face, with dark hair and brown eyes. He is also very tall, which makes him even more intimidating than he already is. 


“I see you are awake Kara. I knew that if I just captured Clayton, that you would come walking into my arms,” He says.

“How do you know our names?” I reply.

“Oh, i’ve been watching you two for a long time, you just haven’t realized it.”

I was so confused. Why has this guy been watching us? How have we not noticed? 


“I have been watching you guys ever since you were toddlers. You probably wonder why, and the answer to that is that I discovered you guys had powers. How I know that doesn’t matter, let’s just say you obviously weren’t that great at hiding it while you were that young.” he says.

“Why did you capture us? Do you want to experiment on us like in movies,” Clayton snaps.


“Oh, no, not  at all. You see, I have been wanting powers ever since I was a little kid. I felt that if I did, then I would feel special. More superior than to others. Ever since I saw you guys, I started researching more and more about how I could acquire powers. I then discovered, that if I just got a hold of you guys, than I could steal one of you twos powers.”


I try to form a plan in my head on how we could possibly escape. If only I had more time, I think. Maybe if Clayton keeps asking him questions, than I could have more time to think.

The man continues talking, but I only half listen.


“I have a small proposition for you Kara,” he says

Ok. Now I HAVE to start listening.

“Tell you what,” he continues, “As I said before, I can only take ONE of your guys's powers. Kara, if you allow me to take your powers, I will let Clayton go.” He starts smiling as if he already won, which is pretty much true. What other choice do I have? I can’t think of any other ideas, and if it’s the only way to save Clayton, than I have to do it, don’t I? My stomach starts to sink even lower as I think about what my life would be like without my powers, but my desire to help Clayton overcomes it.


“Fine,” I say,  “I’ll do it.” I look over at Clayton. He has a look of pure horror on his face.

“Excellent!” says the man.

“Kara don’t!” Clayton screams.

“Shut  up!” the man replies. He slaps Clayton on the face. I don’t know what happened, but seeing this man leave another painful bruise on Clayton pushed me over the edge. I feel myself faze through the ropes around my hands and ankles. I don’t have time to be surprised as I kick the guy in the legs and run towards Clayton. I manage to untie them, and we just barely miss a punch in the back of head (guess who that was). Without hesitation, Clayton and I start running out of the house, are stomachs stinging with pain. However, we don’t stop until we get to the very edge of the woods near our house. We finally start to slow down.

“Would you have really given up your powers to save me?” he says.

“Of course, wouldn’t you do the same?” I reply. 

He doesn't answer, but I already know what he would have said. As we walk into to the house to call the police, I feel my sense of loneliness start to evaporate for the first time sense Clayton was taken.