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Birth of an outcast

After begging for a perfect child

From god himself

Their came the birth of an outcast.

No one knew he’d be an outcast.

His family saw an angel.

His sisters saw a new best friend.

As handsome as can be,

With the brightest smile,

And most gorgeous brown eyes.

This angel brought a family together.

His laugh could light up your worst day.

His intelligence was crazy for a young child

Counting and singing his ABC’s by 1 year of age.

You may ask,

He sounds perfect,

How is he an outcast?


The problems was, he took in so much information

That he didn’t focus on the important things,

Such as knowing any type of safety.

And sometimes, hed take in so much information,

He’d get scared

And throw a tantrum.

This would happen mostly in public places,

Too many conversations going on,

Or too many sounds around him,

Bright lights would shine in his eyes.

He would cover his ears and close his eyes

And scream

But would you too?

If you were scared and didn’t know what to do?

People would stare

Whispering to their fellow friends about how retarded he looked

“Shut that kid up!” you’d hear in the distance

So scared to let go of his ears

He cries

“What is wrong with that kid??”

He cries louder

“Mam you have to leave, we’re getting complaints”

The mother leaves with her angel

That to everyone else, is an outcast

He’s different

And for some reason

That’s a horrible thing in our society.

Make the outcasts lives feel worthless

That’s what you’re good at,


This outcast

Has severe autism

Yet, autism is a joke to our generation, right?

“That is so autistic”

Says a boy to a test

“This is autism!”

Says another about the notes

But do you really understand

The pain

That families with autistic angels go through?

Let it sink in

That you don’t know how to help

Yet they’re begging you to

The stress never ends

The screaming

The crying

The CONSTANT stares from people in public

It’s not a good feeling!

But this “outcast”

Is no different than the rest of us

He’s smart

He’s funny

He has the most amazing spirit

He also happens to be my (almost) 5 year old brother

Hes our angel

And I love him

And have a new perspective on the world

And on the outcasts

Because of him

So before you joke about autism

Remember how horrible it is

To try to find the cure to helping them

And don’t you dare

Think about

Joking about it

Around me.

And don’t you dare

Judge the birth of an outcast.


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