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Every Max a Lawveb. - Any perfon of good moral character, although not ndmitted and ücensed as an Attorney may hów practico i;i tlie courts of New York. Tlie only di.stinction between such a practitior.Cr anti une regularly licensed, ís that tlie former müst show a sjiecinl power of Altorney in cach case. The Nortli Slar, pübiished t Roches(er, by Frederick Douglass, has nmde ita appearance. Il is a largesiïed sheet and looks finely. The editor says : " Id the grand struggle for liberly and pquality now wnging, it is meet, rigiit and rsscuiial that there should anse ín our ranivS authors and ed:tors, as well as orators, for t is n theso capaciucs that the most permanent good can be rendered to oüf cause. Nine years ago, as most of our readers are awaro, vo were held as a s'ave, bliroudrd n tlie midnight ignorance of Ihat infenisl system - sunken irT the dppths of servüity and drgredation - registered wilh four foöted beasts and c-eeping things- -regnrded as prrprrty - compelled lo toil wlthoqt wnges - vvith heari swollen wiili bit'er nnguish - -and a spirit crushed and broken;" Delaware. - A Lirge méelilig m lield at Wümingíon, o few davs since, to 'mature plans fur caiüng á ConvSntion Id I Amend the Conslituiion of the State. f n Convehtion is called; tbe qüeslion of providing tlie final extinction of all tliat remains of slavery in Delaware, will I douhtless have to Lédiscussed and setlled. i Thus ín Virginia, Kentocky, Maiyland nnd Delatare, thore are indications of hostility lo slavery, which bid fair to resuh n direct measures to procure itsoverihrow. - Tribune. The Detroit dvertiser says ihat mínl oil is becoming an important brrinch iii the producís and exports of Michigan. - In several places in the State mirt! are cul'.ivated largely for the manufacture of the oil. ExGovernor Barry sent away this year oil of his own make tj the valué ' of nearly twenty-five thousand dollars. - Morning Slar. The Moon Sneezes. - Angel-Fowls. i - French novel-writers, even the ablest, frequéntly cboóse very singular tilles to their works, apparently beíausa they think sucli eccentricity necessary to secure them attention. At this inonient works are in course ol'publication called 'The Club of the Demand,' 'The Bloody Shoestrings,' 'My Fatlier's Shirt,' 'The Blue-faced Knight,' 'The Nose.'- Mod. ern French poets, too, have tho funniest deas imaginable. Wiihin the last few days I have met with the following tidbits in the poems which hae the pretensions to be serious: - 'A sound as when the moon sneezes;' 'It looked likearay of honey!' 'The ag;tated steel,' ror the ringing of a bell;' 'Heaven coughed,' for it thundered; 'Grcat man! thou art not a simple ceiling - thou art the sky!' 'Ileaven - God's blue carpet!' 'Those tender fowls with heavenly wings - Angels ! - [Paris correspondent of the Edinburgh Register. A bilí has passed the House of AssemblyofNew York, fixing the salary of the Attorney General at $2500; State Prison Inspectors,1500 each; Canal Commissoners,-$2000. The salaries of Comptroller, $3500, Secretary of State,)i2500, and Treasurer, $1500, had heen already üxed.