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There once was an old squirrel,

who one day, in his home had quite a quarrel.

And while the squirrel peacefully sat,

suddenly appeared a hungry old cat.

Before the cat raised his claws,

he thought maybe, Why not have some fun after all?


The old cat proposed,

“I don’t suppose

we could have a game 

to prove your mental aim.

Unless… if you are afraid

that if you lose, you will be slayed.”


The squirrel pondered this

and responded in this gist,

“I accept you dare.

Now in order to keep this fair,

I propose a war of riddles.”


The cat did not diddle, 

and he first spoke, 

“Where does night cloak



The squirrel answered right away,


Then, he continued the fight,

“What do you give 

that allows me to live?”


The cat thought and thought

but was tied up in a knot. 

He sighed and gave up

for what meaning could this cover-up?


“Time.” The squirrel uttered.


The cat, flustered,

retreated from the squirrel’s home,

still hungry, now only to roam.

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