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"revelling In The Halls Of Monzuma."

"revelling In The Halls Of Monzuma." image
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Gen. Pierce writes: 'Our men are assassinated here in the cily nightly by ihe Mexican renegadoes.who mnke a practice of killing all they come across who do not happen to have any arms about them. They do not always come out right, for last night one of our men was stabbed at the theatre, and the 2d drogoons turned out and killed about 30 Mexicansbefore they could Lestopped. This is ihe siaie of things in the city at the present time. To let you know how battle and sickness have thinned the army now in Mexico city, I will state one instance of my own company, which consisted of 95 good men when we 6tarted from Toledo, but is now reduced to about 19 mn for duty, the remainder being eilher in the hospital or dead,"