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Lewis Cass! Alpheus Felch!!

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It will be seen by the proceedings of Congrass that bDth of the Senators from this Stnte voted to enforce and continue the Standing Gag in ihe U. S. Senate by which all petitions, memorials, or other papers respecting the Abolilion of of Slavery are denied a reception or hearing by the Señale, but the question oftheir reception islaid on the able The Rule is of ten years standing. We supposed that Gen. Cass would support it: but, in our simplicity, we really tho't that Mr. Felch might be willing nt least to receice the peliüons of his fellow-citizens. But it teems that we were mistaken. VVe have had much respect for thnt gentleman personally: and it is with great regret that we find him thus placing himself in the ranks of Northern Doughfaces, - in the same company with Atherton and John Novell! Let Mm be remembered! So faras we recollect,no northern Senator has ever before dared even indirectly to question the propriety of this rule. We trust that Mr Hale, htiving announced his opposition to the Rule, will have the firmnes to resist it in all proper and judicious mades, unlil it shall te expunged.