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I walk down the hall and see him.

I put my head down as I start to blush.

I get to my locker and steal a glance.

We lock eyes.

I slam my locker and walk away.

I hear footsteps close behind me.


I turn around.

It’s him.

I turn and continue walking.

He grabs my wrist.

“Wait. Just give me one minute.”

I turn to walk more.

I’m embarrassed.

I look at the floor filled with emotion.

He grabs my chin and lifts my face up.

“Will you… just will you…”

Hope rises within me.

He scratches his head with hesitation.

“Meet me at the field after school?”

I muster the quietest “Sure”

It’s after school.

I make my way to the field.

He’s there.

He waves me over.



He looks into my eyes.

“I need to ask you something,”

He hesitated,

“Will you go out with me?”

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