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Tears rolled down Mia’s cheeks, falling on to the ground she laid on, "Well, we didn't go down without a fight," She whispered weakly.

She knew this would happen one day. War was just around the corner and all in all, the barriers wouldn't hold forever.

Mia finally sat up, looking at the flames that burned high in the air. Smoke filled Mia's lungs as she caught her breath. Looking up at the crescent moon, she knew it was time. Ben slowly walked up to Mia, chains in his hands. Mia bit her lip, her voice shaking as she spoke, "Ben, don't do this."

"Princess, it's time," Ben replied.

"No...," Tears sliding down Mia's cheeks.

Ben chained Mia up, dragging her along the pathway, all the way to Zeedoa. Tears fell down Mia's eyes as she arrived. Everything was lit in flames. While even the leftovers of Minova were bright, this was the complete opposite. Dark and gloomy, every brick filled with despair.

Mia was taken down to the dungeons, which were somehow happier than the castle itself. Ben locked Mia's cell, a hesitant look on his face soon vanished as he left.

Mia leaned against the wall, head in her hands as she cried. Lost in this world, she had no idea what to do. What could she do?

At that moment, Draganore, king of the Zeedoa, came into the dungeon room. He stood, towering in front of Mia's small, curled up form. Mia sniffed, looking up at Draganore, "It looks like we've caught you," He smirked.

Mia growled, "Not for long. I will find a way out. Minova will thrive."

"Keep dreaming, princess," He chuckled.

Mia wiped away her tears, standing up straight as she stared deeply into Draganore's crimson red eyes, "We will always win."

Draganore rolled his eyes, looking down at Mia, "Your people didn't know what hit em'."

Mia growled as her memory flickered back to a couple hours ago when Zeedoan's took over the place her mom ruled. Minova. Her mom, Lily, ruled strongly until, they broke the barriers and Lily got killed. By Draganore. Now it was Mia's turn to rule, however there was no way Draganore would let that happen. Ever.

Mia bit back more tears as Draganore walked away, a smirk left on his face. Mia held her arm out, her hand in an open position as she attempted to summon her magic. Yellow and white sparks flew around her as her light brown hair flew up, the cell blasted into billions of small pieces as she broke free.

Mia quickly ran out of the dungeon room, soon getting stopped by Ben, "Where do you think your going?"

"Ben please," Mia begged,"You know that-"

"You know that Minovian's rise above Zeedoan's, right," Ben finished.

"What? No!" Mia yelled.

"Really? Because that's what everyone else says," Ben scoffed, "Us Zeedoan's deserve a chance."

Mia shook her head, "I can help with that! I'm gonna be the queen, I can do that for you if you'd just let me go!"

"How do I know you would? How do I know you'd come back for us," He asked.

"Ben ever since we first met when I was on my first mission, I-I loved you," She stuttered out, holding her left arm as she looked down.

"Really," He whispered.

"Yeah..," She laughed quietly.

"Okay, I'll trust you. Go get em' girl," He smirked.

She nodded, a determined look spread across her face as Ben pointed to the pathway, up the mountain, and to Minova.

Once Mia got to Minova, she immediately went to the main town area, excited to get started on the rebuilding. Once she got there, she stood up on the fountain that was located in the center of the city. She observed the parents, tending to her kids, the people whom observing the leftovers of our burnt city, and the others who sat, crying about the lost memories of the past. The ones that remain in our hearts.

"I am Mia, Lily's daughter, and the new queen of Minova," She spoke clearly and confidently, "I am here to re-expand Minova and make it as magnificent as it once was."

People were at awe as a golden crown appeared over Mia's head, "We are going to start out by rebuilding. I want the kids to start on the crops. The teenagers can do bridges and paths. And last, but not least the adults can rebuild the houses and once done, my castle."

Everyone immediately got to work. Mia helped out wherever needed, knowing it was what Lily would have wanted.

A couple hours later, almost everything was done. The crops were planted, the town thrived, and the castle was as gorgeous as ever. However, that meant it was time to free Ben.

Mia hesitantly walked down the steep mountain, step after step, her confidence seemed to grow. She soon was found marching down the stairs, immediately seeing Ben, and some others, standing in the hallway, "ready to go, my queen," He asked, a smirk vivid on his handsome face.

"Let's go Ben," Mia laughed quietly.

"As you wish, your majesty," He joked.

Mia laughed, taking his hand as they led the ten new members of Minova up the staircase, "we'll come back to get more, right," Ben asked.

"Of course," Mia replied.

Ben smiled, kissing Mia's cheek as they arrived. Mia led Ben to the city, glad to let Ben see everything she had accomplished already, "go find a house and get settled," She smiled at the her new subjects.

They all nodded, rushing off to find a place to stay, "And you Ben..," She started, "come with me."

Ben nodded, following Mia to the castle.

"Would you mind staying with me," She asked.

He smiled warmly, "Why not?"

Mia hugged Ben tightly as he whispered, "You know he'll come for you. It's just a matter of time-"

He got cut off by a window breaking. Mia turned to see Draganore with an angry look on his face he growled, "How dare you escape my dungeons? And you Ben, I won't save you again."

Ben gulped as Draganore continued, "Unless, you maybe switch sides once again?"

Ben had a hesitant look on his face. He looked over at Mia, then Draganore, "I..."

Tears welled up in Mia's eyes, "Ben please," She begged.

Mia's heart ached as she watched the one she had trusted walk beside Draganore,"I'm sorry Mia," He smirked, "Once Zeedoan, always a Zeedoan."

Draganore smirked as he pulled out a sword, slowly walking towards Mia, "You've lost
The people you cared about died," A memory of Lily flashed into Mia's mind, "The person you trusted betrayed you."

Tears fell from Mia's eyes as Draganore's words rang in Mia's mind, "What's your next move?"

Draganore held his sword to Mia's neck, her back against the wall as he spoke, "What are you gonna do about it?"

Mia choke back a sob, "I-I... I don't know."

Ben stabbed his own sword into Draganore's neck. Mia fell to the ground. Ben ran up to Mia, helping her up, he hugged her tightly, holding her in his arms as she hugged him back and smiled, "I love you."

"I love you too, your majesty," He smiled back, softly kissing her on her lips.

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