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Gen. Taylor

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The moment we resd Mr.ChiyVsp'eech, we kne'w (bat lié was dea'tf, to rise no more. We also knew that ihe whole slnveholding forcé would be turned on Taylor, and from whal we can leai'n, this is now the case. The following extract we take from the Washington correspondent of the N. Y. Express. lts tone is similar to that of private let'ers we have received. The Noithern Whigs miglit prubably arrest this course of events, bul par!y bids fair to triumph over all individual efTort to stay its progress. 'There are a good many indicitions of a dovelojrement in favor of General Taylor,-smo'ng the member of Congress, Letters if town fröm New 'Orleans, where he is receiving n rocept on hardly havingan exampfe lor brillinncy and enthusiastn, declare fhat the General is at the disposal of his fiiends - in] other word, acandidute fo'r ihe Pre'sidencj-i 1 amsure, however, General Taylo'r would not allow his name to be uséJ ágainst H. Clay - but there is hardly a probtbility now, that Mr. Clay will allow his nanie