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A man and ond his wife are astonishing the people of Wisconsin by spinning gla s. Here is their card: - "Mr. and Mrs. Mooney, nccornpan'eJ by Mr. C. Carling, will exhibit their trulywondeafular'-of GLASS WORKING, blowingand spinning, bead making, &c. They will amuse the visitors day and evening, by spinning glass at the rate of two thousand yards per minute - making specimens of Ships, Birds.Pulse, Glasses, Water Hammers, Pens, Baskets, Blow Pipe, Blood Vessels, (sbowing the circulation of the blood,) and a variety of other articles, too numerous to mentiou. Doors open fiom ten o'clock, A. M., 10 ten P. M. (t5 Each visitor will receive a specimen of work, to the value of their ticket." The Editor of the American Freeman says : We can assure our readers that this is no hoa.x. We witnessed a specimen of Mr. Mooney'swonderful art while he wasiii Milwaukie - that of spinning glass. It seemed more like magie ihan reality; but when Mr. Mooney took from his reel the beautiful, tiny, glossy thread, anddid 11 up into a skein of fineness and beauty ttian the most splendid specimen of silk, wtêwere obliged to acknowledge the reality. We have heard ofsuch things, but have made room for exaggeration; vet the effect upon one in witnessing these performances is much greater than that produced by the highest wrotight descfiption."