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I’m Not Heartless


       The white flowers fade

             to nothing on the trees,

                 Like your plastic love for me.

     Rain comes, my stone eyes reabsorb all the darkness

                           My mind replays your brutal cold words,

                                     They are heated coals in my heart,

                                                            Endlessly mounting.

                                          The darkness fades in my eyes,

                                                 As they feel the need to cry,

                                                    As I find myself dreaming

                                                    Right next to you,

                                              Uneasiness settles inside me

                              And wraps itself around my lungs,

                       Making it nearly impossible to breath,

       Silently I remind myself how this is forever.

                                              For better or for worse,

                                                     For richer and for poorer

                                             Through sickness and health,

                                                              To love and cherish,

                                                                                Till death

                      Your love is like chains shackling my heart;

                                                                     I won’t hate you

                     That’s just another reason to keep you here.

                                                 And you and I don’t belong.




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