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How to Survive School

Make friends. Make friends when you are in classes, at lunch, or in the halls. Make friends that are not too attached. Don’t make friends that wouldn’t care at all. Make friends that do the same things as you. Sports, extra curriculars, and other activities are a good common interest to find. Make friends with a football star. Actually, scratch that. Do not make friends with a football star, they are cocky and only care about themselves. Try hanging out with the nerdy girl in the back of the class. That is, of course, if you don’t care about being seen with a geek. Hmm. What else is there? The popular crowd. Try making friends with the popular group, go to a few parties. Do not go to parties, that will not make you cool. Parties are full of illegal actions. Illegal things are prohibited for a reason. So, try the sporty group. You play soccer, hang out with the team. The girls are nice and welcoming;, they are easy to relate to. It is important to relate to the people around you. It is important that you are relatable. Being relatable makes you friends. There you go, you have found your group, the sporty group.

Do have a good personality at school. Do be nice to everyone you see and meet. Be nice to the mean girl. Be nice to the smelly boy that sits in the back of the class with headphones on. Be nice to the teachers. Be nice to the staff. Don’t be rude to the lunch ladies even if you don’t like the food. Do not talk about how bad the food is in front of their face. Be nice. Be helping. Help the new girl to her classes and sit with her during lunch. Help the two kids who are fighting in the bathroom. Help a teacher unpack things from her car. Be brave. It is good to raise your hand when you know an answer. It is better to raise your hand if you aren’t sure of the answer. It is brave to raise your hand if you are lost and confused.

Create a good routine for each day. Set several alarms in the morning, make sure to wake up to the very last one, procrastination at its finest. Make sure you don’t sleep in too late, your mother will come in and yell at you. Tread to school in your old car that never works. Go to your seven hours of work. The work you receive should be done in study hall, but we all know that won’t happen. The work should help you learn, but we all know you will copy off of a classmate. The work should lead to better grades, but you have to put in an effort. No high schooler has a good routine, none of us. Do not watch Netflix and Youtube for five hours when you get home. Do not go on social media while watching TV. Don’t eat junk food when you should be studying. If we are being real, this is exactly what happens. You will probably wait until ten at night to start your homework. You probably have at least two tests to study for, French homework, nearly impossible math homework, and maybe even an essay. You drown yourself in work and it is exhausting.

How do you survive school? Well, you don’t. At the end of the night you will still be crying as you stare at the unfinished work. You will still be crying when you realise you have not had dinner yet and it is nine o'clock. You will cry over the first breakup. You will cry because your friends are drifting apart. Cry because you are confused where this life will take you. Because you are confused, cry. There is no way to “survive” high school, you just deal with it. Highschool is meant to challenge us. We will cry many nights. We will be confused. We will lose friends. We will experience heartbreak. That is life.

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