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They were recently married, on their honeymoon. His wife is tall with long legs and deep brown hair that reaches her lower back. She stretches her long body, that goes in near her waist and back out to create her hips, as she run towards the sand. Her perfectly white teeth glisten in the sun as she is the happiest woman on earth. She is a golden brown color that made her green eyes sparkle. She is happy that she married the love of her life. Her husband is tall with broad shoulders  that she can always lean on when in need. Her husband's hair is of medium length and the longest piece falls perfectly in his eyes. He is also tanned and very fit, like his wife. His blue eyes remind her of the calmest ocean after a great storm. He is healthy. He is happy. He will bring good fortune to their family yet to come. And years in the future, after all his hard work in the science career field, people won’t forget his name.

He chases his wife on the beach as they watch the sunset over the ocean, her favorite place in the world. The salty air and wind make her deep brown hair wave naturally. She kicks up sand and ocean water as she runs along the edge of the ocean. Scooping water with her hands, she turns around and splashes her newlywed husband. The sky was a cotton candy mixture with a tint of orange that is reflected in the deep blue sea below. She peers at her ring, each tiny diamond reflects the skys pretty colors. Anyone looking at them on the beach together could tell that they would be together until death did them part. Their position together on the beach says: look at us aren’t we a perfect couple, happy and in love. In that moment, they are both happy for the adventure that will come for the rest of their lives. Soon they will move to another state and purchase their first house together. Their farm home will be were their children are born and where their dogs and horses will roam. She is tired after being chased around on the beach, so she lets him catch her. He sits down right beside her side. He smiles at her, adoring the person he thought he’d spend the rest of his life with, grow old with, bear his children, and then his smiles fades. Why did he stop smiling? Does he not love her anymore? Is this not the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with? Is he gazing at another woman in the distance? Perhaps he can already see his wife with no hair fighting for her life in a hospital bed with her children crying for their mother.

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