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It was a dark and stormy night and the boy scouts were in there tents. Fourteen year old George was talking to Steven, even though they could barely hear over the rain falling on their tent and the very frequent cracking of thunder and lightning. George had to go to the bathroom and asked Steven if he would come with him. They both walked out the tent.  They just had to go through the woods. They walked into the woods. But when the light of the lightning struck near them it revealed a figure holding something. They ran to the outhouse and slammed the door behind them. Then the outhouse door started shaking and both boys were frozen in fear. But then the shaking suddenly stopped both boys were quite, Steven opened the door looked out and was hacked in the arm by an axe the figure pulled Steven out whacked him in the head and Steven stopped struggling to break the man's grasp on him, he was dead. George was screaming as loud as he could but no one could hear him over the storm, neither boys were ever found.

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