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Walking into my first class period, I noticed that the teacher, Mr. Sanders, looks like he already hates me. The disgust builds up on his face until he bursts out of the room. The class immediately looks at me.

“My guess is that he’s in the office. Why don’t we listen in? I mean, you can’t say that that was normal,” a kid named Chad says while pushing the call button.

“THAT KID! HE IS SO MUCH LIKE HIS FATHER!” Mr. Sanders yells at the principal, Mr. Smith, not knowing that we can hear what is going on.

“Mr. Sanders, what is going on?” Mr. Smith questions.

“This summer I caused an accident.” Mr. Sanders responds.

“They’re talking about you, loser!” everyone exclaims, as they all look at me.

“His Dad’s dead, smart one!” a girl in the back fires back for me.

It’s silent all around. Even in the office…”Everyone shut up and get in your seats!” Chad yells after he realizes we aren’t the only ones that can listen in.

Here comes Mr. Sanders and Mr. Smith. Tears run down my face now that I realize Mr. Sanders killed my father!

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