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Ode to the things that make my blood boil

Ode to how I think of thoughts catching flame

In a beautiful goddess-like haze of vibrant amber with

Hints of

Glowing yellow

Electric blue

All in blinding yet somehow hazy, crackling —cozy warmth

All in a hypnotizing ombre-like state

The anger drawing me in

Ode to all the emotions eating me alive

From the inside out

Where all I see is monotone hues

Ode to the only things I can think about

To where the skies seem blank

Unlike my mind...

All I can think of is being different

All I see is a dreary haze

Blending in swirls of

gray and white

Ode to the days where there are limits

All I can do is cry in bed

Under the dull white sheets

Waiting for messages on an empty screens

Ode to isolation

The emotion that forces me to have



The emotion that screams

Stands above me

reminds me about how

Small and cut off from the world

And how close everything is to breaking beneath my feet

I truly am


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