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I remember when I was curious,

Couldn’t understand what the world was

Trying to grasp that everything didn’t revolve around me.

I remember eating ice cream 24/7,

Oh, the sweet, creamy flavors  

Strawberry! Chocolate! Vanilla!

So many different combinations,

never knew what to choose.

I remember all those memories that hid me from reality

I was in my own fantasy.

Then it happened.


Hate and doubt took advantage of me.

I started loathing myself

Pushing my expectations above the sky,

Trying too hard to reach the stars.

Comparing myself to successful peers,

not knowing that it could damage my true being,

Hurting myself piece by piece, word by word,

I played with fire.


It’s time that I understand why things are like this.

It’s time I start knowing the right and the wrong.

It’s time I finally live my life,

in happiness.


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