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Let's go home 

To the hollow grove where

Reckless and blindness married 

And became love 


To the path that led to 

The tree of hope that once grew tall 

The tree that touched the heavens 

And blossomed into fear and danger


Do you recall the Meadow of regret

That connected the trees and roots 

To the earth

That grew yellow flowers of desperation 

And grief 


The rain of fertility 

That wetted the soil 

And became a language 

Of sacrifice and death 


Let us go to the days

Where we climbed 

The tallest tree in the grove 

And danced in the meadow 

Of flowers of yellow 


And jumped in the puddles 

The rain had conjured

Over night


For what is comfort if not 


Love and war 

Joy and sadness 


Let us go home 

And leave this world behind 


For what is a well lived life, if not a beautifying death

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