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You thought it’d be so easy. You had not a care in the world. You hadn’t the slightest clue of anything when you grew up, in fact you wanted to grow up. You wanted to be the older more mature person who could handle life’s problems, you wanted to leave your training wheels behind, but you never thought once in your little head how challenging life’s problems could be. You grew up.


Remember when the only drug you knew about was cough medicine, when race issues were only about who could run the fastest at recess? We didn’t have any idea of our parents separations, we didn’t even know what divorce meant!


They would send you to the therapist because they didn’t want to be the one to answer questions like “Why’d you and daddy split up?” which were the confusing questions that lingered in your head for months unanswered, you never even had to understand why your parents argued non-stop, war was only a board game with your friends, & the most pain you felt was skinning your hands and knees after falling off your bike.


At least then we could pick ourselves back up, now it's not so easy as just standing back up on two feet and going inside to rest. In fact it's so much more painful than that, physically and mentally.


We were so ignorant then, not knowing of how difficult it would be in the real world once we grew up. And back then we couldn't wait to grow up but here we are now wanting to go back to a time where it was just that…


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