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They will fear

It’s time to face the reality

With all the police brutality

BREAKING NEWS there’s a new fatality

Why is this still happening today,

This should’ve ended in 68’

Way back when the slaves walked with chains


Were treated wrong, is this a game?

We get killed, and they get more fame

Mike Brown shot down, and who’s to blame?


Stop the racism

Stop the Hate

One man down, and a cop walks away,


We face this stuff everyday

It dates back to the KKK

Its funny how none of this has changed

Our culture is being restrained

But they know we can’t be tamed

Like a lion fresh out the cage

Been bottling up all of this rage


Now I’m spitting bars on this page

To aware you of the game that’s being played

We’re crashing down like a plane

Bullets flying, it’s raining hate


But it’s getting better

Black and whites can now hold hands together

But its changing just like the weather

Storm rolling in, slow as a feather


Cloudy with a chance of hate

The verdict just can’t go our way

Blood stained tears run down my face


Stopping the racism

Stopping the hate

Now serving equality on a plate.


It is hard to be unarmed when are skin is the color they fear

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