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The walk was grueling.

Graduation had finally happened. None of us were ready to leave and jump face first in the unknown world, the world our parents had tried so hard to shield us from.  

We continued not a single word was spoken. Around the bend and down the stream we went, to the houses all sat next to each other in a perfect line.

I broke off down the path to my house, and the others continued to walk towards their house, toward the end of our friendship. The trees swayed like they were saying goodbye, too. I waved up to them, like they all understood what I felt.

I took a detour into the bathroom, opening the medicine cabinet, grabbing the little bottle of pills. I slammed the bottle on the counter, sending the small capsules flying and grabbed two off the floor.

I sprinted out of the bathroom, out the back door to the tracks. Watching the train come in the distance was exhilarating.

I stood in the middle of the tracks watching the train come closer and closer...closing my eyes, and waiting for the impact to take me where I needed to go.

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