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In a dark place,

No light,

No sun,

It seems that I'm the only one willing,

To fight for this kingdom,

Of shadows and shade,


Hiding in the corner all my life,

Never noticed,

Never loved,

For once I get to go out,

And show my strengths and flaws,

Maybe even earn their applause,

For once,


A long time ago,

I would only draw out my sword,

When alone in the field,

Training for the day to come,

The day that is now here,

When I can show them all,

That I'm not just a girl,

For I am a warrior,

Determined and unafraid.


A long time ago,

I was told this job was only for the men,

Now I can show them that's wrong,

And that girls are as strong,



For this Kingdom of Shadows and Shade,

Showing bravery and strength and skill,

Showing pride.

For on this day,

Girls who hide their wishes,

Of fighting as Warriors,

Will finally see,

It's much more than just a dream,

But a reality.

And that reality for them,

Is up to me.

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