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October 29th 2018,

It was a normal day in lakeville, people were out on the streets with their families others out with friends and some just enjoying themselves in the comfort of their own home. I was one of the people at home by myself. I was watching the game like I do every day when suddenly “We interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you an important message this is Fox 4.” a newscaster pops up on my screen. “We have reports that the lakeville killer is back for the 10th year in a row.”The lakeville killer has been killing since 2008 and its scary especially with halloween being so close.”The killer’s first victim was a local grave digger for lakeville found dead in a grave this morning.” “That's odd”I thought to myself “Not only that but it seems the killer had stolen a body from the Grave”. “We now return you to your regular scheduled programming”

October 30th 2018,

It has been one day since the return of the lakeville killer and I have set out to find him. The first place I went to was the grave where the killer had supposedly stolen a corpse. The tombstone read Ian Allen, the Allens were my neighbors “Maybe they knew something.”I thought to myself. So I set out to the Allen household to find a pile of bodies, they were all...dead. I ran all the way to the police station and told them everything. Seeing a dead family can really leave a scar on a man.

October 31st 2018,Halloween

After what I saw yesterday I was certainly skarred for life and could never forget what I had seen. For some reason seeing the Allen family dead reminded me of the Graveyard and Ian’s grave. So I went back to the yard to find his Grave filled with dirt and thought “Oh someone must have found his body.”Then I remembered the Grave digger was dead.”So who filled the whole?” I said under my breath and noticed a grave that had been recently dug hidden behind a tree.I read the tombstone and it read “Stone Cooksey” and I froze then SCREAMED! Because Stone Cooksey was MY NAME!I heard a stick snap behind me and slowly turned. Next thing I know I’ve been bashed over the head with a shovel.

November 1st 2018,

The next day I finally woke in a dark room and I heard A voice from behind me.”Do you know who I am?”The voice asked “Because I know who you are”He said again.I began to scream but then he whispered in my ear”If you would like to live I suggest you stay quiet.”So I stopped””Who-who are you?”I asked, then a light began to flicker on. The man stepped into the light.”IT'S YOU!But how? I thought you were dead! You were in Ian Allen’s GRAVE! That's when I realised it's not who I thought it was.”Wait a second you’re not the grave digger you’re Ian ALLEN!””HELP HELP”I screamed.”What did I just tell you?!”He had a knife to my throat”If you want to get out alive then STAY QUIET!”I stopped then spoke”So…….so what are you gonna do to me and why did you kill your own family.”Well first off I couldn't have anyone snooping around my business so I had to get rid of you.”He continued on”Second I had to get rid of any evidence of my existence so I killed anyone close to me and took all the things that could have been traced and burnt them.”He paused then spoke again.”Now for what im gonna do with you well it depends I -”I cut  him off.”JUST TELL ME ARE YOU GONNA KILL ME OR NOT!”I yelled at him.”AS I WAS SAYING, i'm not gonna kill you… yet, I will let you go.”He went on”On one condition.””What?”I asked in anger “You know the saying ,Snitches get stitches, lets just say if you tell anyone it's gonna take a little more than just stitches to fix you!””I won’t tell anyone I swear.”I told him them a WHAM followed by darkness filled my head.

November 2nd 2018,

I woke up the next morning with an aching pain in the back of my head.”I know he said if I tell anyone he’ll kill me but if I don't then innocent people with families might die.”I said to myself so I headed straight to the police station and told them everything but they barely  believed me so they wouldn’t put me in witness protection. I just had to hope Ian wouldn’t come for me.

November 9th 2018,

It's been about a week since Ian let me go and I've kind of settled down.*Knock* Knock* Knock*I got up to answer the door then I noticed something strange in the mirror i could’ve sworn I saw something move outside the window.

I checked the peephole in the door and no one was there. So I didn't answer. More knocking came this time more furious and I looked out the window.”Oh thank god its just the mailman.”I answered the door”Sign here please.”The mailman said and he handed me my package.I opened the box and what I saw I just couldn’t believe my eyes.It was a envelope signed in blood with a finger in the package. I picked up the envelope inside and it read Ian. I tore open the envelope and read the note inside the letter was written in blood. The note read “Hello Stone, it seems you forgot about our little deal. You broke your promise. You snitched and now you have to pay ,but I will give you a choice you can either pay with your life or kill an innocent person. This person can’t just be anyone though it has to be a cop. If you get caught I will kill you anyway, if you tell anyone about this letter than I will kill you. You have one week.

November 14th 2018,

I have two days before my literal deadline I have a choice to kill or be killed you would think it’s an easy choice but it’s not. I thought to myself”I don't wanna die and I don't wanna kill.”I have to make up my mind though

November 15th 2018, 24 hours before the Deadline

I had done some research on Ian even though I should be figuring out how i'm gonna gain back my sanity after I kill someone but I figured out that Ian was an ex cop and had a partner.Her name is Lily Wright Allen, the well thought to be last of the Allen family she is his sister.I don’t wanna kill Ian’s sister im gonna kill him but I need her. She needs to be the one to do it not me I feel like she might have something against him now. I made my way to the station and told Lily everything and she agreed to help me.

November 18th 2018, the Deadline

Everything was ready Lily was in her spot waiting for my cue.*Knock*Knock*It had to be him who else could it be then I heard a scream “HELP” It was Lily I ran to the kitchen where she was hiding and she was gone.”Hello Stone. I see you tried to use my own sister against me it was a good idea but i'm always one step ahead of you.”He said from behind me.”Please don’t hurt me!”I tried to convince him and just when I thought nothing worked he gave in .”Okay fine I won't kill you but you're coming with me.”


That's the last thing that happened and I don't know where I am. If you're reading this please send help. I think he's gonna do it. I think he's gonna send me to my grave.

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