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              In the middle of the 2nd period, the principal voice boomed in the intercom, ”LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN”.  In Mr.Lolipops room Juan and Jack joked about the idea of the lockdown being real, but they hear footsteps in the hallway and stay quiet. They hear 5 loud bangs on the door. They go to the back of the room they each get a dangerous projectile. They hear an alien-like voice come from the door, the voice says, ”Come with us Jack you are from our kind.” This revelation instilled the fact that Jack was an alien and he walked towards his “brothers”.Juan yells, ”Don’t make dumb accusations like that.” They all throw their dangerous projectiles, except Jack. The aliens summon a laser barrier, that burns the projectiles, then the aliens yell, ”Our power is infinity.” The aliens take Jack to their plane and leave. This crazy and memorable moment leaves everyone in a reflective state.

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