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The wind was howling, sprinkling the ground with a heavy layer of snow. My hair whipped against my face as I took another step toward the end. I took a deep breath and braced myself for the jump.

I wanted to be reborn into a different life and if death was the only way to do so, then so be it. I didn’t care anymore. The gods had made my life a living punishment and I wanted to escape.

My cold numb hands gripped the railing of the bridge and I began to pull myself over, praying in my head that this would be the very last pain I would have to endure. I climbed over the railing giving one last push as I started to jump, but an arm reached out and stopped me before I could complete the deed.

I was getting pulled back until the bridge was out of sight. I remember turning my head, to see who could be so evil as to keep me alive. Even under all those layers of winter clothing I still recognized her. She was the person assigned to escort me to Richardson. Even after all of my attempts, the time had still arrived.

You see, I am the second daughter of David Hemin, one of the most well-known scientists who had died a few weeks ago in a car accident. I was away in Paris to study abroad at the time so I missed the chance to say goodbye when he passed away in the hospital.

When he died his will stated that I was to be escorted to the university he went to years ago (Richardson University) to have trusted associates look after me. I hated this idea with all my heart so, when the time had come I ran.

Ran far, far away for I wanted the reality of life to fade, as I slowly lost the sense of where I was. I knew they would be looking for me, but I didn’t care. I knew that whatever was awaiting me in the afterlife had to be better than what I had now.

For a minute or two I had almost thought I escaped, but here I am now. I held back tears as I tried to run, but her grip was too tight and I was forced to follow her into the car. A white 2018 Honda Civic.


We drove in an eerie silence, no one daring enough to speak, as I slowly allowed myself to drift off into a deep sleep.

About 2 hours passed until we finally pulled up to our destination- around early morning. As much as I have heard about Richardson, I had never really seen how it looked. Ignoring the fact that I never really wanted to be there in the first place, it really was a magnificent sight. The roof gently crafted from a black slate, the brick wall carefully laid, windows crystal clear, all lightly doused in a layer of perfectly white snow.

I took a minute to admire this sorrowful sight before I walked inside.

My heart was still in two, as I was still holding back my tears. I bit my lip as to disguise my heart-ache with pain and started to look around. I started to realize that this reality was becoming my reality.

I wanted to try to run away again, but I knew I would just be found so I gave up on making an escape plan and stayed put, accepting my cold reality. I was led to my dormitory. Room 24, floor 2.

I glanced around my new room and it was just as beautiful as the school. The bed was neatly made in an array of fluffy pillows, the shelves were full of brand new books, and the closet was filled with clothing of all sorts.

Even with all this, to me, it just looked so cold and empty, so unfamiliar. I paused for a moment before crashing onto the bed. I wanted a break. I missed my dad and I wanted to lay there for all of eternity, but it was time for breakfast and I hadn’t eaten for weeks.

I considered starving myself to death but I eventually gave in to my hunger as I rushed down to the cafeteria and filled my plate with as much food as I could manage. I sat down and slowly ate my food. I had waffles, pancakes, cereal, anything you could imagine, but I was was too hungry to even care.

I eventually finished my food, finally full in what seemed like forever, and hurried back to my dormitory. I remember I saw "The Secret Garden" on the shelves- one of my favourite books as a child, and I wanted to read it once more. I grabbed the book and comfortably sat down on the purple armchair placed in the corner of my room.

With a sigh of relief, I began to read. I had finally felt a little bit of relaxation since I had first arrived at Richardson University. My pain and worries slowly began to fade away as I got more and more absorbed into the book.


In the middle of chapter 5 the phone rang. Who could be calling so soon? I picked up the phone and I realized it was my sister, Charlotte Hemin. I was shocked. I had completely forgotten that my sister studied at this school as well. 

I hung up the phone immediately because I wanted to talk in person as it had been years since I had last seen her.

It was my newfound light of hope. I had been living all alone, with my dad and sister gone, and now I finally had a family again. I ran to find out where my sister’s room was. Room 53, floor 5.


I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I waited. I waited for what seemed like forever until I finally watched the doorknob turn, almost like in slow motion.

The time had finally come. I immediately remembered my sister’s face as memories started to fade back.

I stepped inside her room and I noticed how lived in it looked, whereas mine was so empty. I scanned the room for any conversation starters as my eyes settled on an old picture.

It had me, my sister, and my dad all bunched up by the Christmas tree opening presents. I still remember that day quite clearly, because that was the last Christmas my sister spent at home.

I missed those days so, so much, that I couldn’t help it anymore. My eyes started to tear up, as small droplets of water slowly slid down my face. One by one until I lost control.

I cried so hard that I was gasping for air, for I had been holding it in for such a long time. Tears streamed down my face, as my sister wrapped her warm, familiar arms around me for a comforting hug. My sister had been going through the exact same thing as me.

My tears slowly came to a stop and I started to calm down. It was almost as if the crying had refreshed and revitalized my body.

I began to come to a realization. It was me and my sister, together forever. We are both alone in this world but we love each other. I realize now that’s all that matters. I silently thanked the women who saved me that one cold night because maybe, just maybe, I can live on with my life. I realize now that no matter what, my dad and my sister will always be with me, by my side, dead or alive.