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            The Miracle of Lucky   


There once was a puppy named, well he doesn't have a name because he actually doesn’t have a real home or owner. Yes I know aw, poor guy. Let me get to the story so you can see what happened to the poor little guy.Come on! Hurry up! You can aw later.

So, once there was a stray dog, well now it is a stray dog. I’ll just sum up the story.

She had a family but, they went on vacation to Myrtle Beach. While they were away the next-door neighbor, Sally, let the dog out, she didn’t feel the need to pay attention to the dog and the dog dug a hole in the back while playing with the kids before they left for the beach.

Well, Sally didn't know about the hole that was dug. She let Isabella out which is the dog’s name. Anyways, the last day Sally needed to let Isabella out.

She decided she didn’t like how she didn’t get a daily walk with her family like she normally does so, when Sally let Isabella out, she ran outside, peed, then ran under the fence. During all of this Sally was going to the bathroom.. When Isabella went through the hole she ran as fast as she possibly could.

That is the important stuff of Isabella’s backstory. She’s the mother of the puppies. I’ll tell you about the son. So now we are where she lives, on Fifth Avenue. She was pregnant and she gave birth on May 12th , 2017 in a dark alley but, sadly she died during birth of her five puppies. Luckily the puppy's made it.

By the time they were old enough to walk all of them wonderd off in the busy city of New York but never came back. The runt of the 5 puppies stayed with its mother.

I know you want to know what happened to the rest of the puppies but, the story is not based on them, it’s based off this one puppy. We’ll get back to the others later. Every day for one year the one  puppy would go out to find food for it’s mother. The puppy would eat next to its mother, hoping she would wake up. Sadly she never opened her eyes.

During one of the puppy’s hunts through the dumpster across the street from where the puppy is hiding. He made a little hut to live in.

Anyways, he was going through the dumpster and cut his mouth and paw on a rusty, old, butcher knife from the butcher shop a couple blocks down. How the knife made its way down, I don't know.

 The cut has been open for about 45 minutes. As people walked by the hurt puppy, they looked at him but, kept walking.

Nobody cared that he was hurt. By the way, yes, you could tell there was a hurt puppy down the dark alley. There was a trail of blood that dropped from the cut paw and mouth and he was screaming in pain. There was  one lady that had walked by the puppy but didn't really realize him at first so kept walking.

An hour later she walked by again on  her way home from the mall. Down the street then she heard a noise from the dark alleyway. Between the old library and the old candy shop that has been there since the town was built.  She turned towards the sound the high pitch noise, she didn’t know if she should be scared or interested.

The sound she herd was a dog screaming. She saw a shadow at first. She thought it was a racoon or cat. Then she took a look closer and realized it was a puppy and a dog laying down. She slowly approached the puppy and a sleeping dog, well that’s what she thought as she walked toward the dog. There were people watching.

They thought she was crazy. Everybody called that alley the,

“ Ghost Alley”

They said there is always noises and they never were brave enough to see what was down there. The lady which is named Taylor approached the puppy and as she said a “sleeping dog” trying to be as quiet as possible so she would not scare them as she got closer she saw it was a puppy she leaned down to see what happened then saw he was hurt then looked at the mother isabella and saw she was not breathing she picked up the little puppy brought it to her car to check where all the blood was coming from then she saw how deep it was and knew she needed to rush to the animal hospital 10 minutes away as she was driving.

She tied off the paw so she could slow down the blood from coming out  they were 5 minutes away from the animal hospital she saw the poor puppy was dozing off then she turned again and the puppy passed out. She has not have a puppy before when she was a kid they never had any pet other than a fish named kermen he was a red betta fish.

So she had no experience so she tried to wake him up but it did not work, She drove as fast as she could but of course on the speed limit because a speeding ticket would not be the best thing right now she NEEDS to get to the hospital she pulled up in the parking lot ran over to the puppy picked him up and ran to the door’s as she ran in she yelled

“I need a dr. and I need one now “ a doctor ran over to her and right as she looked at the puppy she realized that puppy can not wait 1 minute more. They took her right to the back Taylor wanted to go to the back with him but they told her this is so bad she will not be allowed to come with him to the back. When they came back to taylor about 3 hours now they said he will need stitches in his face and pad of the paw she was so scared then.

They asked if he is crate trained or if he needs to go home with Taylor she had no idea what to say so she said I'll take him home but she told them that he is not her dog .She found him they were confused but went back to get him after they gave him his stitches she felt so bad for the poor little pup first lost his mother then lost siblings then got stitches. Taylor has never felt this way before she had to go back in a week to take stitches out they told her on the way back home she felt that if she is going to take care of him.

She should name him when she got home she made a bed next to her bed and went out to buy food and bowls she feed the puppy when it was time for bed she turned off the lights. Five minutes later she felt plop on the bed she turned and the puppy was curled up next to her almost asleep. She was going to kick him off but he got so comfy and made her feel warm inside so she decided he could stay.

All night she was trying to think of a name but nothing came to mind. It’s time to get your stitches out today buddy she got him in the car and drove over through this week she wished she could have a dog so perfect like this. They pulled into the dr. she turned and saw the puppy sticking his little tonge out the window. They got out of the car walked into the building. Walked up to the desk to sign in right as they sat down the dr. named Rebecca came out and called “Taylor” they walked to the back and this time they let Taylor go to the back with him because he was not in so much risk for his life

. As she was taking the stitches out she wanted to know how he was doing with her at home she said good the dr. asked if she is going to keep him after he gets better Taylor did not know what she should say she just said I'm thinking about it Taylor did not know what she should say she said this pup is lucky you have found him if you have not cared he would not be here today .Taylor said “lucky I have been trying to find a name for him and that's perfect the dr. thought that was the perfect name as well .

After they were done Taylor was debating if she wanted to keep lucky well of course she wanted to but she doesn't know if she is ready to be a dog owner. That night lucky came up next to her that night again from the moment she caught eye with lucky over her shoulder she knew she could not send him to a different home . She knew that was her dog she called the dr. in the morning and said yes I want to adopt lucky.

Dr. Rebecca was so pleased she knew they were a good match she got the paperwork. She went to pick it up as she was driving she heard a loud pop then a  screech from a car behind her she looked in her side mirror a cars tire popped. She knew she was in trouble she looked back to the road in front of her by the time she turned the car that the tire popped hit the back of her car into a huge tree. This turned Taylors car around the car hit the front of Taylor's car.

Taylor got glass cuts all over her face, her leg is caught in the front of the car she doesn't know what happened. All she knows is she has blood everywhere she looked up to see if anybody was hurt but as she looked out she passed out. After 3 hours she finally woke up she was in the hospital she did not care how hurt she was she wanted to be with her new puppy. Is he hurt, Where is he, Can I see him. She was asking the Dr.s all these questions but all the dr.'s wanted to know was how does she feel.

They finally answered her questions about lucky. He was hurt is all that they said. They were testing me for almost everything I could think of. They said my parents were in the waiting room waiting for results. They asked if I would like to see them, well of course I want to see them I said. They walked in the room crying I did not know why It just made me more nervous.

They told me my legs were paralyzed! I started crying Not knowing what i'm going to do. I asked my parents where is lucky? They told me they rushed him to the animal hospital. When I finally got out of the hospital which was ( 1 week of torture) I learned how to use a wheelchair. They let me go see lucky at the hospital they told me that he lost his front left leg.

They gave me two options either put him down which I did not even think about that for a minute or they would train him to be my emotional support puppy. Well I knew for sure I was NOT putting him down that was not a option so I decided to train him to be a emotional support dog. We bought him a wheelchair to so it is not so bad on his back. Every Friday we go to the St. Jude children hospital to visit the kids.

Then one night we see the tree,the same tree that got us paralyzed,every year the same day we got in the accident, we go to see the tree and make a yearly wish. This is the tree that was the day we first realized that we needed each other more than we both knew.


                                          By: Kaitlyn .T