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Truth be told.

They say they love you, but they don’t.

They say they’ll cherish you, but they won’t

They say they won’t leave you, but you’ll never see them again.

They say they’ll marry you, but to them, it’s all pretend.


There’s a reason we have secrets, but I can’t tell you.

The devil whispers in your ear, while the angel tries to save you.

Your happily ever afters are just like imaginary friends.

Only you can see them, but to everyone else, they’re as good as dead.


Everyone’s born will a pure, blank soul.

Happiness as rich as the wealthiest of gold.

No anger or sadness, no worry or grief.

But, society’s dark knives will stab you until you bleed.


Truth is hidden in foggy forests of black.

Lies are spoken by those who’ll stab us in the back.

Makeup is worn to cover our ugly.

No glance is given at our inner beauty.


Our self-confidence is a wall that everyone destroys.

To god, we are just naive little toys.

Our brightest smile caged by our insecurities.

No one dares speak these cold realities


These are the dark truths of life.

When god will tell you?

Well, he only ever tells you over time.