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Everyone gets their “once upon a time.” The beginning of their journey, the time of their life.


Once upon a time, I met someone as beautiful as Aphrodite, the princess of my dreams. Day after day I was charmed by what seemed to be the love of my life. Whenever she was near, my heart would beat as fast as a cheetah chasing its prey. She smelled of the most delicate flowers and was the kindest soul I’d ever met. She was beautiful inside and out, an extremely rare sight nowadays.


As months passed, I finally had built up my courage to confess my affection for her. I took a deep breath and let it all out. I still remember the moment when I saw her look of confusion and disgust when I had realized that I was making a mistake. I can never forget those terrifyingly familiar last five words she would ever speak to me.

“Sorry, I don’t like girls.”


Not everyone gets their happily ever after.