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It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in the middle of September. Sam was reading her book and sipping on some tea when she got a call.  She looked at her phone and saw a name she hadn’t seen in ages. Her Father. Sam and her father weren’t close like normal families.  They got seperated in the divorce and her mother received full custody of her, her brother, and the fridge. Anyways her father called and said “Sam I know it’s been a while but I really need your help. Get down to the hospital.” The call ended.

Sam jumped in her car and rushed down to the hospital. “Hi i’d like to visit Jerry Smith.” Sam said worried to the receptionist. “Room 217” She said depressingly. Then, Sam rushed down to room 217 where her father was. She opened the door and there he was laying in the hospital bed pale and bald. “Hi dad” Sam said with a hollow voice. “Hi” Jerry replied quietly. The nurse walked in. “And who might you be my dear!” the nurse said with enthusiasm. “I’m Sam Smith, his *cough* daughter.”

Doctors and nurses walked in and out while Jerry and Samantha caught up. “Dad can I ask you a question,” Samantha asked nervously. Sure, what’s on your mind Sam,” Answered Jerry. “Do you have cancer,” Said Samantha. *Sighs* “Yes,” Jerry said,“I didn’t want you to find out this way.” “You should of told me earlier,” Samantha complained. Jerry said,“The doctor said I had 72 hours to live before the cancer…” “Stop.”Sam said “i’m going to find a cure and save you!” Sam rushed out of the hospital and headed to the lab to find a cure.

Sam got to the lab about 30 minutes later. She put on her lab coat and started working. First she started working on targeted treatments that will work on things like blood vessels, genes, and proteins that help cancer cells grow and spread. Then she started working on immunotherapy that will help improve your own body’s immune system but still nothing. Then she started working on monoclonal antibiotics. Monoclonal antibiotics are the man-made version of your body’s antibiotics. They target cancer cells and attach to them and then launch an attack. It was a success. After 67 hours of working on the cure she finally found it and went to sleep excited for the next day.

Sam woke up early the next morning as early as could be and ate a good breakfast. Then she got in her car and sped down to the hospital. She got to the hospital 27 minutes later and ran down to see her dad. She got to room 217 but he wasn’t there. Sam went to the front desk to ask if she could see Jerry Smith. The receptionist replied “He didn’t make it. I’m so sorry dear.” After that day Sam made it her life’s work to try to cure as many people as she could. Sam saved about 500,000 people before she got married. She married Billy Richardson and had 3 kids. Her husband passed away at the age of 47 from an overdose.

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