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Around my head the fairies

play, but I must get back to the real

world. What is that angel

doing- but no, it can’t be. “Hey, Jack.

Are you listening?” Mommy gave me these sneakers

for my birthday. Which reminds me: I had the weirdest dream


last night. I didn’t want to wake up because my dream

was too good. Hold up- a flower crown is being placed on my head by the fairies-

no, that’s just a baseball cap. Anyhow, I kept these sneakers

nice and clean so Mommy would be proud. That at least was real.


Are you listening?” Mommy- no, the angel-


has white, feathery wings. Hey, the angel

just smiled at me. So it is Mommy! In my dream,

we were at home- all of us. “Hey, Jack,

look at me- no!” Like shimmering, glittering fireflies, the fairies

surround my head- no, don’t get pulled away- it’s not real!

What is that red droplet on my sneakers?


Oh no, Mommy won’t be happy that I ruined the sneakers…

She can fly… the angel

can fly… I can too… No, you can’t. You’re in the real

world, and she’s not… both of them were laughing with me... but it was only a dream…

they’re here… around me… the fairies

are protecting me… “911? My child just collapsed. Stay with me, Jack-


yes, it is an emergency! No, Jack,

don’t fall asleep, don’t fall...” The sneakers

are dirty- oh no no no no no no- who turned off the light?- the fairies

did it- pesky little things- but oh so beautiful- look at the Mommy angel

swoop and glide and flutter- in the dream

it was Christmas- it was happy- it wasn’t real-


why did it only have to be a dream and not real

like Daddy- is that him? “Don’t leave me, Jack.

Please don’t leave me. Please.” It doesn’t have to be a dream-

the three of us- Mommy, Daddy, and me- where did my sneakers

go- I want to- I can- I will fly- just like the angel-

just like Mommy-

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