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The gloomy sky mourns, but that’s

okay because we make our


own sun. The jump rope swings and

we race through it; our worries


abandoned on the other side. My

hands clutch my heaving stomach, my


friends grinning. Our laughter is

uncontrollable. I charge


again through the rope-

but it catches me. Giggling,


I trade places with the holder;

the plastic still warm from


their touch. The red-and-white tubes

on the rope click as it


flirtatiously slaps against the

wizened green grass.  All around us:


joy. joy. joy.


The teacher yells. The fun has

ended. I stagger dizzily


towards the line, but I stumble

and fall, gasping. A fresh set


of giggles burst from my lips.

The sharp blades of grass poke my


spine, but I just can’t. Stop. Laughing.

My friend chuckles as I stand


unsteadily. We rush back to

reality together, the


rope left behind

curved in a sad smile.

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