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It’s just another day and my dad is once again passed out on the couch with a bottle of whiskey falling from his hand. I hear my best friend  honking her horn for me. Before I go, I see my mom watching my dad asleep on the couch, lying there reeking of alcohol. She looks at me, disappointed that I had to see this.

“It's  fine mom, no worries.” I said to her, so she wouldn't feel bad. Even though I knew she would.

“What's wrong?” Caroline asks as I jumped into the car.

“I don’t know. It’s just that my dad is never in a good place, if you know what I mean.”

She knows exactly what I meant, because I tell her everything. She's really the only one I can trust. I didn't want people to know that my dad was an alcoholic. A lot of people like to share everything in there life that's not so perfect, just purely looking for attention. That’s not me. Personally I think those people are just looking to be pitied or are attention seekers. For me I stick with Caroline.

When I get home, I hear my parents fighting in their room. I hear my mom throw a bottle of alcohol at the wall. It shatters. I imagine the glass flying everywhere. I feel as though my head is going to burst. I don't know what I am feeling. I hate that they are always fighting but also I feel helpless at the fact that I can't do anything to make it better. Why would they fight when I’m here. It just causes more stress. They are just so annoying sometimes, they don't think about me and how I feel. Sometimes I wish my parents were like my friend’s parents. They are so nice, and they don't fight in front of their kids.

Suddenly, a car pulls out of the driveway.  I look out the window and see it’s my dad, and he’s swerving all over the road. I run down stairs to make sure my mom is okay. When I get there, she is just sitting on the couch with a blank look on her face.

“How about we go out for dinner tonight” she says blankly.

“Sure lets do that,” I say expressionless. But in my head I am grateful that she didn't bring me in the middle of the fight. She just keeps running away from all her problems and ignoring the fact that there is something serious going on.

The next morning I groan as  my alarm went off. I head downstairs and my dad greets me, sounding drunk again. I roll my eyes and finish getting ready for school. It is only a half day today, because we have exams. Then I will go to Caroline's house for the night. I honestly think  of her house as a second home. I go here all the time and it’s just a place to get away from all the tension that goes on in my house with my parents always fighting. Sometime the only reason I go back to my house is because I worry about my mom, and if she is safe. It's not that I think my dad is a monster; it’s just sometimes he can get out of control . There is nothing like being at Caroline’s where all we worry about is which movie to watch on Netflix and not burning the popcorn.

The next day, Caroline drops me off at my house, and I noticed my mom’s car is there.

As I'm walking in, my mom’s making lunch.

“Have you seen your father at all lately?” She asks.

“Look mom, you should just talk to him about it. I don't want to be apart of this.”

Before she could say something, I storm off to my room. I just sit on the floor thinking about what my dad has done to our family with his drinking. I feel bad for my mom.

I wake up, and hear a conversation going on in the room downstairs. I sneak to the stairs to try and hear what the are saying. My dad is admitting that he has cheated on my mom. I heard her sigh, “I think we should get a divorce. You always come home late. Or, really, really drunk.” she answers in  a powerless voice.

“ Fine!” he yells. I run silently back to my room holding back my tears. I am terrified. Will they get a divorce? When I get to my room I collapsed. Unable to speak. Unable to move.

My mom knocks on my door. Without answering her, she comes in. I wipe my tear quickly before she comes in.  She sits on my bed. Before she could say anything, I blurt out,

“ Are you ok?”

She looks shocked. “No, he hit me and kicked my leg too.” she said in a voice I couldn't understand. “Where is your phone?  I'm going to call the police on him! She spoke abruptly. She snachesit from my hands, and was on the phone with the cops in seconds.

After a long talk with the police she finally ends the call.

“They are going to take your dad to jail. I'm so sorry I just don't want you to be in danger when you’re around him.”

I can’t believe it. I know my dad drinks and has cheated, but violent?  Never.

The cops come with the sirens blaring. Red and blue flashed in and out of my room. They came barreling through the door, acting as if my dad is a serial killer. They grab my dad and throw him outside on the grass. People are outside taking videos and pictures of him.

“I didn't do anything!” He screams. The cops all give him dirty looks and take him to the police station to be questioned for what had happened.    

A few days later mom told me that Dad and I could spend the day together in case he has to go to jail. As we are getting ready to go he says, “Let's go out to eat for lunch and to the theme park!”

After lunch, we arrive at the theme park and got tickets for the waterslides, and roller coasters too. We race down our favorite water slide. I won obviously, like always. After we finish all the slides we head over to the rides.

“I'm going to miss you,” I said.

Well it's not final. The court decides if I go to jail or not, and I hope you can believe me that I never touched your mom.”

I don't know who to believe. I love you so much. But you did cheat on mom, and you drink a lot.  “I say to him.

“I made a horrible mistake cheating, but I never touched your mom. He says while nodding his head side to side. “How about we just have fun today and worry later.” he says to me.

We get back to the house, and Mom isn't there. We have the house to ourselves.

“Let’s watch a scary movie and stay up late”. I say to him with a grin.

Watching scary movies was kind of our thing. Mom wasn't into that kind of stuff.

“Sure sounds like a blast!” He says excitedly.

We watch The Conjuring, because it’s a horror movie, but it doesn't scare us. We kind of make jokes the whole time about the film. After the movie was done it was 10:45. We have time to watch another one.

He says, “Let's watch Annabelle. I heard it was kind of  scary.”

“Got it!” He blurts out before I could say yes.

“Perfect!Let me pop some popcorn for us.” I say, walking to the kitchen.

He walks up behind me while I'm waiting for the popcorn to be finished.

“Boo!!” he shouts.

I jump around with my hands into fists, screamings. Then I relax and just laugh at myself. We start the movie when we finally stop laughing.

As I'm watching the movie I go into a haze thinking about my dad, and how this might be my last night with him for a very, very long time. “Do you think he deserves it?” I ask myself in my head. Mom says he has done horrible things, and why would she lie about him assaulting her?  He must be lying to me so I can be on his side.

Then the creepy doll pops up out of nowhere on the screen. I jump. Taking me back to focus. I look at my dad and he is laughing at me.

“Oh shut up!” I say playfully hitting him on the shoulder.

The movie ends. I look over at him, and he is asleep. I don't really feel like getting up so I’m just going to sleep on the couch too.

When I wake up my dad is making breakfast in a rush.

“I'm going to be late for the court meeting.” he says to me.

“Let me finish the pancakes, so you can get dressed.” I say to him, wiping my eyes while yawning.

After we finish breakfast, I realize I'm going to miss him so much.  I have tears coming out of my eyes. Dad gives me a big hug and leaves. I want to go with him, but I can't. And then I remember what he did to my mom and that is unimaginable. I hate him, but I love him.

Later that afternoon mom gets home. I come over to her. “Should I help him pack his clothes so he can find a new place to live?” I say.

“No sweetie he was  sentenced for three years.” She said to me.

I am so confused. I know it’s good news for our safety, but now I don’t have a dad to talk to when I need him or to watch scary movies with. What am I going to do. I need my dad!

I8 months later.

It’s been a long few months, but today I'm shopping with my friends I love being with them singing songs together and just having fun. When we get to the mall, we head right to  

Dunkin. When we get there, a guy is in front of us. He is a little taller than me with brown hair. How do I recognize him? He..He actually looks like my dad, but it can't be him. He's in jail. Then he turns around to get a straw, and we both see each other. It is him.

“Dad!” I screamed. I run and give him a hug. “How are you here. I thought you were in jail.”

“Jail? No, I was found innocent. I never hit your mother, but I guess you never believed me.


“Dad...I was so confused.….but why have you not contacted me?” I say.

“I have called and sent you letters and done everything to get back into your life, but you haven't been responding to anything!” he says to me very confused.

In that moment, I knew the truth….it had who had been my mother who was the liar all along.

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