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The idea to make constructs or golems to fight your wars for you has never been a new idea. Throughout time and Creyca’s history it has been attempted by wizards time and time again. None of their attempts have ever succeeded, as they were struck down by the gods for their insolence- for trying to be the gods themselves.

Except, back when the world was still new-ish and there were metal carriages, wizards who called themselves ‘scientists’ did create life. They created short little beings who grew from the ground fully grown and who were made of rock. That could withstand the harshest of conditions and some could even perform actual magic!

The scientists were elated, they had created life!

Yet the generals were ever more gleeful. They had readymade warriors who could withstand the harshest of conditions and come out with nary a scratch. They had loyal soldiers who would do anything they wanted.

So they called for war with their greatest enemies. And war came for them.

And even the strongest of the constructs could not save them from eternal ruin.

Thus, Creyca as it is today was created from the ashes of a more advanced world.

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