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An old box of jewelry

When they first met, no one imagined they would be best friends.The two would soon become inseparable. But, they were five and couldn’t stand each other. Constantly arguing and being separated in class, the pair were truly a teachers worst nightmare. But, walks past each others houses in the afternoon light turned from spiteful to friendly. Their two hearts, once at immature war, now found a home within one another. The past was so easily forgotten. One’s suffering was the others and the same went for one’s happiness. The need to be with each other nearly became physiological. Their biggest regret? A petty fight. Choosing a new friendship over an old one. Both felt their hearts tearing from the strings of the other. It wasn't worth it and never will be. No relationship ever came close to the love between the two of them that developed so naturally. An old box of jewelry is never meant to be traded for the latest fashions.

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