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In a small suburban town, there is an old woman and an old man walking to and from the grocery store. One would assume that they are simply strangers; however in a world that existed long before now, they once knew one another quite well. Now, as fate has it, they meet one last time. As they walk along the same sidewalk, their canes clicking with each step, their eyes lock for the first time in fifty years. One would think that after so many years, they wouldn't recognize each other; however in the moment that they meet gazes, all the memories come rushing back. They remember the times when they loved each other. The times they would dine together, and dance together, even though there wasn't any music playing, simply wrapped in one another’s arms, feeling safe and happy. Despite the rush of emotions, nothing was said aloud; their canes resumed clicking rhythmically with their steps, and they walk past one another. One might say that as they passed, their shadows intertwined one last time, dancing in the silence.

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