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The Golden Kiss


Fifteen specks into those sapphire eyes,

my hands get numb just by looking.

I swallow my words to the bone,

knowing they’re not enough.


Your blank fur hides your beauty,

but at night you bloom with red roses.

In the phantom of night,

your handsome face lays next to me.


Your prudent words crawl in my veins,

hostile to your composition.

But my blooded sclera doesn’t know any better,

my eyes exposed to your allure.


Love encarved into the arteries of my heart,

into the trachea of my inmate lungs.

But I mustn't love you,

now you shall leak out before I’ve awoken,

into the shades of the pellucid sun.


East of the sun and west of the moon,

you’re headed into a palace of annihilation.

My heart’s made of glass, my lips of mercury.

My abominable hair thrashes my mien.

I am maledictly unlovable,

the toxin to your innocence.


Still, the feathered winds will carry me to you,

and I will trade my given gold to your chosen mistress.

Time’s deadly chase betrays your silence.

Ligature marks lacing around my neck,

a golden kiss for the watch.

The torrid candle wax sinking into your leather,

I will wash it off,

endearing your plastic fondness.

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